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Revive and SOLD.com team up to deliver market-ready listings to agents

January 17 2023

revive logo solidIRVINE, Calif. — Jan. 17, 2023 — Revive, the most complete presale home renovation solution for sellers, and SOLD.com, the leading online real estate marketplace and educational resource provider, are teaming up to empower the 45,000+ agents in the SOLD.com network to unlock inventory and create move-in-ready homes with $0 due from sellers until closing.

"Home buyers are starting to call the shots in today's real estate market," said Michael Alladawi, Revive CEO and founder. "What buyers want now more than anything else is a market-ready home," he added.

"SOLD.com agents can offer homeowners Revive's unique, end-to-end solution for home renovations, helping agents win more listings and sellers secure a much higher price," added Matt Woods, SOLD.com CEO.

Revive, with products available in all 50 states, offers presale renovation services for homeowners to help maximize their profits from their home sales. Renovations start within seven days; the average completion time is four to six weeks. As a result, when homeowners renovate their homes before selling, they boost their return on their most significant asset — their home. Once the renovated home is listed, it sells faster.

"SOLD.com helps save time, reduces stress and improves sales outcomes for home sellers," explained Woods. "We educate and guide sellers to make their best decisions and ensure a better home selling experience. Teaming with Revive by offering its modern solution to get homes market-ready helps us deliver just that," he added.

"By teaming up with SOLD.com, Revive is getting closer to solving a $300 billion-plus problem." said Dalip Jaggi, Revive co-founder. "Research shows when home sellers don't list their homes in move-in-ready condition, they can leave as much as 15 to 20 percent of potential profits from the home sale."

When this occurs, hundreds of billions of dollars in additional profits are left on the table. However, Revive sellers average $186,000 more than the renovation costs and substantially more in higher-cost markets. As a result, agents that work with Revive typically see an increase in their commissions by 22% and win 40% more listings.

Move-in-ready homes are what most Millennials home buyers want, according to research by the National Association of Realtors. The NAR also notes that Millennials represent 43 percent of home buyers, the highest share of any generation. Other research shows not only do Millennials want to avoid buying a home that needs improvements, but also that 70 percent of Millennial home buyers will also choose a smaller home, giving up more space, to buy a move-in ready home.

Revive has products in all 50 states, offering presale renovation services for homeowners to help maximize their home sale profits. Since its inception in 2020, Revive has helped hundreds of homeowners create $60 million in profits.

SOLD.com has matched over 75,000 home sellers and buyers with agents using data versus emotion or personal obligation to help find the best neighborhood professional to accomplish their goals. By providing unbiased, data-driven educational services, SOLD.com helps home buyers and sellers learn about all options available.

Learn more about Revive and SOLD.com at www.revive.realestate and SOLD.com.

About SOLD.com

SOLD.com is an online marketplace, educating and connecting homeowners with the best method to buy or sell their homes. SOLD.com uses its proprietary technology and personal concierge services to analyze objective and subjective factors – including local market characteristics, customer service rankings and personal preferences – to provide users with free and unbiased recommendations for the most efficient, cost-effective route to making their move.

About Revive

Revive Real Estate's mission is to help every homeowner maximize their home equity through renovations. By providing access to Revive's supported network of contractors and without the upfront cost, homeowners and home sellers are able to maximize their wealth from their biggest asset– their home. Home sellers gain an average of $186,000 in additional profit when selling their home with Revive. Revive is the 2022 iOi Summit Pitch Battle winner. Learn more at www.revive.realestate.