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ActivePipe Unveils Real Estate Content

August 12 2020

New feature bridges gap between property marketing and content marketing

Austin, TX - ActivePipe, the nation's leading email marketing solution for real estate companies and teams, announced today the rollout of Real Estate Content, a new feature that allows users to automate genuine content experiences within their email marketing campaigns. This feature is available now to current users following an extensive Q1-Q2 beta testing trial of rookie and veteran agents.

"The Launch of Real Estate Content couldn't be timed better to coincide with Smart Match," says ActivePipe CRO Mike Feller. "With Real Estate Content, ActivePipe users can now take advantage of content marketing inside of their emails. We know that not everyone in agents' networks are looking to buy or sell their home, but with this feature, you can remain top-of-mind with current news, home design and renovation tips that are helpful, engaging and informative, so when they are ready to buy or sell, they know you're the one to call."

Real Estate Content launches on the heels of ActivePipe's acquisition of HomePrezzo, the Australia-based presentation and content creation software that will help power Real Estate Content. HomePrezzo's tools, among many others, offer the ability to produce dynamic landing pages for agents, also. For agents choosing to utilize Real Estate Content, an option to be redirected to a personalized landing page is included.

Real Estate Content reimagines content marketing by persona, ensuring each contact receives content matched to their personal interest no matter where they are in the property buying or selling process. Real Estate Content's blogs even help infer buying or selling intentions. This passive marketing technique gives you more information about your prospects making your personal outreach even more effective. Pre-built Customer Journeys are enhanced with clickable, agent-branded content, precisely catered to provide the right information to help move prospects closer to their goals while keeping you front of mind as the expert they need to complete a smooth transaction.

ActivePipe's Real Estate Content library will deliver new pieces of data-driven content for agents. At launch, the library currently holds 100 original content marketing pieces for agents to choose from. Users can have content automatically inserted into their emails based on tags and categories assigned to their contacts.

Through ActivePipe's proprietary AI system, user profiles are generated based on several categories and tags (i.e.: upsizer, downsizer, empty-nester, etc.) Agents and brokers are able to leverage ActivePipe to effectively lead their networks down a path of intention that results in more home sales.

"ActivePipe developers are constantly looking for ways to save real estate agents time and money," Feller says. "However, the places we see opportunity to grow in the email marketing space are the same places agents are experiencing frustration. Our focus is to mitigate that frustration by listening to our users, many of whom were tired of sharing the same content to their networks. Real Estate Content saves time and brings more value to your email campaigns."

About ActivePipe

ActivePipe helps real estate agents to know which prospects to call next, based on their behaviour with your content. Cut through the noise and make easier calls by focusing on the topics your prospects are engaging with. It allows you to get your marketing done in minutes with a smooth, drag and drop email builder and pre-built customer journeys to set your business up for optimal conversions. Help your team get back to basics and never miss an opportunity.