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Why You Should Replace the Word 'Beautiful' in Real Estate Listings
This blog is about expanding your lexicon to include more evocative language in your real estate listings (without complicating the description), so you don't feel obliged to carpet-bomb your web copy with adjectives like beautiful, attractive, or stunning. I have a theory that using the same adjectives in different listings causes shopping fatigue. When everything from the master bedroom to the hot water heater is 'beautiful,' the reader feels a little like this: By expanding your lexicon, I believe you can accomplish two things:
How to Write a Neighborhood Guide
Home buyers may find the perfect dream home online, but they are unlikely to purchase that home until they understand the neighborhood it's built in. Therefore, as a real estate agent, providing a neighborhood profile can go a long way to giving your clients a better understanding of the surroundings. Neighborhood guides, or profiles, add rich content to your website, and you can use snippets on Facebook to drive that traffic. Furthermore, neighborhood guides provide a hyper-local aspect to your website which allows you to rank organically for neighborhood search terms. Just what content should a neighborhood profile have? Here are some items to consider to create a positive experience for your website visitors.