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Can You Sell More with Fewer Adjectives?
Among the 25 most commonly used words in real estate listings are descriptive words such as beautiful, spacious, luxury, huge, and must-see. Now, there's nothing wrong with these words. Consumers are familiar with them. But when it comes to listings, is familiarity a good thing? Home shopping is a frustrating experience. Listing after listing, picture after picture, consumers develop shopping fatigue. My theory is that listing descriptions can be a factor in this fatigue. Adjectives make listings vague and unclear. As a result, listings look the same during the home shopping experience—regardless of what they contain. Wordy listings full of adjectives and irrelevant information can take 30 percent longer to sell.
Do Real Estate Professionals Need Grammarly?
If you're like me, you may have come across a few Grammarly ads and commercials over the past few months. Grammarly touts itself as the 'The World's Best Grammar Checker.' The question is, do real estate professionals need Grammarly? What is Grammarly? Grammarly is an advanced grammar checker more powerful than the spelling and grammar check found on Microsoft Word. Beyond spelling and basic grammar, Grammarly identifies confused prepositions, wordiness, plagiarism, overuse of passive voice and much more.
9 Tips to Improve Your Email Writing Skills