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Need Legal or Consulting Services?
Larson/Sobotka is a consulting firm and a law firm specializing in offering services to the real estate industry. Specifically they focus their service offerings on technology vendors to the real estate industry, MLS service providers, Associations of REALTORS® (State, Local, National), and real estate brokers. Their legal practices focus on a variety of dimensions throughout the real estate industry including ecommerce, databases, Web branding issues, and rule-making for online communities. Larson/Sobotka supported RE Technology in the development of many of its business documents. Legal services also extend to providing copyright, trademark, Internet/computer and technology licensing counsel.
Potato Chip Marketing!
What’s the #1 secret successful agents and brokers are using to THRIVE in this complex market? The answer may surprise you…It’s Potato Chip Marketing (a.k.a. The 7 Steps to Highly Effective, Low-Cost Marketing—No Matter the Market Conditions!) What is Potato Chip Marketing? And why does it matter to YOU? Today, more than ever before, it is absolutely necessary that you understand the difference between advertising and marketing. You may THINK you know and understand that difference. But after working with hundreds of agents and brokers from around the world, I’ve realized that most people don’t understand the REAL difference—the millionaire-making difference. Here’s what I’m talking about…
If You Don’t Offer S’mores…You Should!