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4 Reasons Former Clients Forget You Exist

August 25 2014

forgetyou truliaYou work hard to win, educate, and close clients. And, the investment you make doesn't always add up if you break down a sale's commission by the hour. The real hope is that every client becomes a repeat client and sends others your way.

Unfortunately, too often, this fairytale flow of deals isn't an agent's reality and there are a few pretty good reasons that all carry the same theme: Your clients don't remember you.

Here are four reasons you've slipped from the top spot in your clients' minds and a few suggestions for climbing back just in time for their next referral or transaction.

1. You Were No Better Than Google

The best way to keep you from being remembered is to give forgettable service. If you're sending forms with no context or getting hit with a barrage of questions after each meeting, you should believe that you'll be replaced when it's time for that client to close their next deal (if you make it to the end of this one).

The fix:

This sounds like common sense, but I think we've all heard enough horror stories to know it needs to be said. If you're clients are constantly asking you about what they learned on a search engine, you should take a little more time with them and position yourself as the source of information. If you don't, they'll be Google-ing to find their next agent.

Discover how to guide clients to their dream home.Discover how to guide clients to their dream home.

2. Your Focus Was on Closing

Smart agents know closing is a means to an end. Basic real estate knowledge will get clients to the closing table. However, if you want to be the agent that wows and is remembered, your focus has to be "helping" your clients.

The fix:

What's the difference? When your focus is on helping your clients, you understand the needs that don't fall on Maslow's listMaslow's list. These include knowing things like, VIP guests like grandma and important lifestyle considerations like the commute to a gym. Remember these and you'll be more likely to be remembered.

Learn how to diffuse your clients' emotions when stakes are high.Learn how to diffuse your clients' emotions when stakes are high.

3. You Thought You Only Had One Client

Speaking of VIP guests, are you sure you know all the players involved in a home sale or purchase? Yes, you probably have one or two clients, but meeting the other players involved in a transaction can pay off big.

The fix:

Once you've signed the agency agreement, hold a kickoff meeting with the kids, parents, and other important parties who might be vested in the transaction. If you're working with sellers, they can help you market and highlight a home's real potential. If you're working with buyers, they can unlock secret needs your buyers have told you. Either way, the kick-off meeting can have the major hidden benefits of expanding your network and the potential of referrals in the future.

4. You Never Speak Up

Last but not least, you shouldn't stop nurturing your leads once the deal has closed. If you do, they'll almost never remember you.

The fix:

Recent National Association of Realtors research says most second time buyers purchased 9 years ago. That means if you want to be a repeat agent, you need a nine-year nurturing plan that offers you meaningful reasons to keep in touch. Some easy-to-execute ideas include:

  • "Happy home anniversary/birthday cards"
  • "What's your home worth?" e-mails
  • Neighborhood news mailings, e-mails, or social media pages
  • Post-closing 3-6 month check-ins
  • Holiday parties and client appreciation events

This article was originally published on the Trulia Pro blog. You find it, and other articles for real estate agents, herehere.