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Top 5 Ways to Use RPR Search to Gain a Competitive Advantage

August 23 2013

FACT: There are over 160 million properties available in the RPR database.
FACT: You can search for, and find, each of these properties in RPR.
FACT: RPR has the largest database of distressed properties, sorted by county.
FACT: You can search for, and find, each of these distressed properties in RPR.

FACT: You're not searching!

It's true! With over 160 million properties available within RPR, most users are simply entering a specific address and going directly to that property. While it's a great use of RPR, you could be missing out on all the RPR Search function has to offer. Consider this:

  • RPR has five different search functions: All Properties, For Sale Properties, Neighborhoods, Market Activity and My Listings.

Each search function allows you to narrow down your results by giving you the opportunity to enter very specific criteria. Want to just search for residential distressed properties with at least 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1200 sqft. within Los Angeles County in CA? No problem. Want to search by APN/Tax ID number? No problem there either. They key is to use the "Advanced Search." It's located on the right side of the search button, click it and boom...a whole world of search criteria opens for you!

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Enter your search criteria, hit 'search' and watch as the properties start lighting up your screen. Speaking of lighting up the screen, did you know you can search by school attendance zone? Really, it's true! Once your search initial results are displayed on the map, click on the "Show Geographies" dropdown menu and select either K-5th Grade or 6-8th Grade. The attendance boundaries are then outlined and you can click on them to highlight the zone and get further information.

And neighborhoods? We have those too. Simply click on the Neighborhoods button on the search screen and enter a neighborhood, zip code or city and state. What you'll get is detailed information about that area including: housing statistics, economic information, demographic data, commuting information, rainfall averages and more. All the information your clients are looking for and you, their trusted REALTORĀ®, can easily provide this to them in a custom branded report. You just need to search, find it and create a report.

For those wanting to know the trends in an area over the past week, month or more, the Market Activity search is the way to go. By entering in a county, city, state or zip code, and timeframe, you'll get a list of all the newly listed, newly distressed, recently sold or any combination of these properties.

As you can see, RPR definitely has more searching options to offer than just typing in a specific address. So give it a try. We have a feeling you're going to get excited about what you will find. And most importantly, so will your clients.