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December Blogging Plan

November 29 2012


Week 1: All things holiday related

The December holidays provide a wealth of topic ideas that can inspire multiple blog posts. You can cover seasonal events like christmas tree lightings and parades, or direct readers to the best neighborhoods to see holiday light displays. Recipes, decorations, and homemade crafts are always a favorite, too (find ideas on Pinterest). Whatever you do, don't try to cram all that seasonal information into a single post! Start dripping out the holiday articles early and continue to post them throughout December.

  • Additional or alternative topic: Staging your home during the holidays

    This month isn't all tinsel and light--serious real estate business is still going on amidst the hustle and bustle. And with homes harder to sell during the cold months, it's important that your sellers stage their home properly. Advise them to make sure their holiday decorations don't clash with their home's interior or overpower its best selling points. Seasonal decor can actually draw attention to great features. A beautiful fireplace, for example, can be tastefully staged with hanging stockings.

Week 2: Homebuying Tips for Each Generation

This is another topic that can easily be spun off into a series of posts. Every stage of life has different homeownership needs. Write an article for each generation--first time buyers, growing families, and empty nesters. Focus on what each group should look for in a home. For example, families need extra space, both indoor and outdoor, while older consumers might want to consider compact, single-floor homes that are easier to take care of.

  • Additional or alternative topic: How to Keep Your Kids Busy Over Winter Break

    Your clients with kids will love you for this post. Preventing boredom and restlessness in their youngsters will help parents avoid additional holiday stress. It gives you a chance to let your local expertise shine, too. Direct parents to museums, shows, events, or activity centers that will help ward off cabin fever.

Week 3: X Ways to Save on Heating Costs

The chill of winter can take a bite out of anyone's wallet. Give your readers some common sense tips that will help them lower their energy bills this winter. This can can be a simple list post. Here are a few points to get you started: Lower thermostats by 10 degrees at night; change furnace filters monthly; use less hot water; let sun shine in south windows; check weather stripping on windows and doors.

  • Additional or alternative topic: Year End Tax Tips

    This topic can be aimed at multiple audiences. Highlight the tax benefits available to those closing by the end of the year. Alert investors to the consequences of the new 3.8% Medicare surtax on investment income, which includes capital gains from the sale of certain properties. Encourage those with rentals to identify needed property repairs, and review their depreciation and losses for the year.

Week 4: 2012 in Review

Okay, real estate expert, it's time to toot your own horn a bit. Share your greatest successes of 2012 with your readers (and potential clients!). What's the most impressive property you sold? How'd you pull off your toughest transaction? Did you sell more homes in this year than in any others? Let people know! Consumers want to know that you can produce results. If a little bragging's not your cup of tea, give an overview of your area in the last year. How'd the market fare? What new businesses moved in? Which ones closed?

  • Additional or alternative topic: New Year's Resolutions for Homeowners

    Show your clients how they can put their best foot forward in 2013. List positive habits like making mortgage payments on time or making extra payments to shorten the life of their loan. It's a great idea to determine what improvements and repairs are needed, too, and lay out a plan and timetable for getting them done in the new year. Some repairs can qualify for homeowner's insurance discounts, after all!