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5 Ways to Blog on Your Real Estate Website Without Becoming "a Blogger"

November 26 2012

leadingagent blog bloggerEvery single week, without fail, REALTORS® call me, wondering how they can get more out of their website. Ninety percent of those calls revolve around how they can get ranked better by search engines, and end up getting better organic results for the keywords that are important to them, and pertinent to their marketplace.

Every single time I have this conversation with a REALTOR®, I first bring up blogging. Before I can say my next words, I am interrupted with, "I'm not a blogger. I don't have time for it, don't like it, and that will never be part of my online strategy."

I've said it before, and I'll say it again:

If you want to get more web traffic and rank higher in organic search, you HAVE TO have a blogging strategy.

You cannot argue with me on this point, and there is no stance you could take to prove otherwise. The fact remains that new, fresh, original content is to search engine crawlers what jingly keys are to babies. They love it, want it, and can't get enough of it. The rewards for a regular content creation strategy can be huge.

Today, I am going to give you five quick ways you can blog on your website without becoming a blogger.

1. Comment on others' posts or articles

This is a slam dunk, no brainer. You are always reading and taking in media. Whether it's newspapers, blogs, Youtube videos, or anything else, you are taking in media. Much of this media, I would venture to guess, is directly related to your marketplace or profession.

When you read this content, create a quick post that comments on what you read, whether or not you agree with it, and why you think it's important. Once you do that, leave a link to the original article, so your readers can check it out themselves.

2. Use your brokerage's weekly meetings for content

If you are part of a brokerage, you are no doubt required to go to weekly sales meetings. On top of that, you most likely participate in a weekly tour meeting, as well. I have spoken at hundreds of brokerage and tour meetings. I truthfully cannot recall a time that there wasn't some sort of handout given to everyone, related to important national news, local issues, or real estate market statistics.

Use this information to your advantage. Scan it, drop it into a blog post, and quickly comment on it, discussing what it means, and why it is important to read. In a brief paragraph or two, you could have a great post that will take no longer than three to four minutes to complete.

3. Feature local merchants in your marketplace (build blog content and good will at the same time)

Video is everywhere and is used for advertising huge corporations, as well as the local mom and pop business around the corner. Do a quick search on YouTube, find these videos, and then feature them on your website.

Write a quick endorsement or blurb about the business, and you're done. You're building market specific content on your blog, as well as building good will with merchants in your community.

4. Do the "Seth Godin"

Are you familiar with Seth Godin? If you're interested in ramping up your inbound marketing (which, if you want more organic web traffic, the answer is "yes"), you should check out Seth's blogSeth's blog.

Seth frequently posts a very short thought of the day (he actually posts every day). The tone of them is an ongoing story that he is telling. No doubt, as he encounters people in his day-to-day business and personal life, those mini-posts are formed.

You can post a quick nugget of information, factoid, or a little known real estate tip you may learn when talking with a home inspector, going to a signing at the title company, or speaking with a client or prospective client. My guess is that there are MANY things you could quickly write a blurb about.

5. Post a Photo of the day (what inspires you?)

This is an easy one. You most likely got into real estate because you love homes, helping people travel the home sale and purchase waters, and the community in which you work. A great, contextually relevant thing to do is snap a quick photo of something (e.g. a new business, a beautiful park in your farm area, a new home remodel in your farm area you think came out great, etc.). Post the photo in a new blog post and make a quick two to three sentence comment about it.

These types of posts will not only be interesting to people in your marketplace (after all, they will all be relevant to them, as they are of the local community), but also give you deep, niche specific links that will turn up in organic search results.

Not that hard, is it?

So as you can see, there are easy blogging ideas everywhere that don't "actually" require you to be a blogger. If you can get "the B-word" out of your head, and give any or all of these suggestions a try, I guarantee that in two or three months time, you'll see big time results.

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