WATCH: 3 Proven Ways to Help Your Agents Make More Money
Every brokerage wants their agents to make as much money as possible--but what does the process of attaining that goal look like? In a recent webinar, we explored just that. Two prominent broker/owners and a special guest from Inside Real Estate joined us for a panel discussion on the three components that have proven to be a brokerage's "secret sauce" for helping their agents make more money. Consolidation of tech Independent lead channels Behavioral automation Check out the recorded webinar below to learn how leading brokerages are successfully leveraging these three components in their businesses. Webinar Guests Jeff Russell, Broker/Owner, Russell Real Estate Services Ron Snow, Broker/Owner, RE/MAX Associates Utah Joe Skousen, President, Inside Real Estate Moderator: Victor Lund, Co-founder and CEO, RE Technology Video Timeline 0:00 - Moderator Victor Lund introduces the topic and panelists. 4:04 - Joe Skousen shares the story of Inside Real Estate. 6:23 - Brief overview of today's webinar agenda. 7:44 - Joe on brokerage profitability and the changing pressures on brokers. 12:30 - Consolidation and integration of technology. 13:22 - A look at research on today's brokerage technology landscape. 20:56 - Jeff Russell shares how his company's effort to consolidate technology has delivered important benefits to his agent and teams. 30:29 - Joe on the status of Inside Real Estate's back office integration with booj. 33:10 - Jeff and Ron Snow share how and why they transitioned away from third-party portals to independent lead channels. 51:29 - How behavioral automation has helped Jeff and Ron's agents focus on selling, rather than on small tasks. 57:27 - Key takeaways from this webinar, and final thoughts from Jeff and Ron. To learn more about Inside Real Estate, visit their website.
WATCH: How Profitable is Your Brokerage Compared to Your Peers?
Brokers, do you want to triple your profits without raising fees or even needing to bring on new agents? Then we've got a killer strategy for you. Recently, RE Technology teamed up with iBroker and the Profit Centre for a live webinar all about broker profitability. Attendees learned the single most important metric for driving higher profits and how brokers can drive profitability with the right metrics in hand. Did you miss the webinar? No worries... we recorded it for you! Check out the video below to catch up, and see our notes below for more information and to learn more about a special offer for RE Technology readers!
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[VIDEO] How to Keep Your Brokerage from Fading Away
Between Redfin's recent IPO and Keller Williams' $1 billion dollar investment in technology, a lot's been happening in the real estate tech space. Investors are throwing record amounts of money into industry technology, and brokerages have more tools to choose from than ever before. But regardless of which tools you choose, how do you make all of them work together? And how do you prevent each tool from becoming its own little isolated island of data? We tackled these questions head-on in a webinar last week, and explored a solution that can help: the open platform. Open platforms like the Moxi Cloud not only allow all your existing tools to work together, but they also give you greater control over all of your data. That's crucial, says webinar guest York Baur. "If you remember only one thing from today's webinar, it is this: Get control of your data." York doesn't just mean your property data, but also agent data, branding data, consumer data, and more. If your data is not in one place where all agents can easily access and contribute to it, then "You're going to be in for a challenge as these large players with these millions or billions of dollars come after the market." So how can you compete? Check the webinar recording below to learn more:
[Video] The Secret Ingredient for a Record Breaking Year
"If an Apple data scientist and a US intelligence analyst had a baby, and that baby went into real estate marketing," it would look a lot like predictive marketing tool Totomic. At least that's how Totomic CEO Chris Weltzien describes it. It's a fair assessment — Totomic sifts through thousands of consumer and property data points to create a highly accurate profile of your listing's ideal buyer. The platform then lets you target ads to local prospects who match that profile. This means you spend money only on those most likely to buy, and save money compared to campaigns with a less precisely targeted audience. Weltzien joined us for a recent webinar, along with Greg Sundberg of Moxi Works, a back office platform that connects over 30 different broker tools, including Totomic. Together, they showed how connecting high-end consumer intelligence to your ecosystem of existing tech tools can win more deals for your firm and set you on the path to a winning 2018. Did you miss the live webinar? No worries, you can check out the video recording below. Hear what Weltzien, Sundberg, and brokerage executives Jessica Frushtick of Pacific Union and Ryan Hildebrant of Seven Gables Real Estate in Orange County, Calif. have to say about creating a record-breaking year.