Showing Software Becomes Key Broker Service

August 20 2014

webinar showste shafranIf you didn't attend today's RETechinarâ„¢, you missed a round table discussion about showing solutions and how they contribute to success. The webinar was moderated by RE Technology CEO and WAV Group partner Victor Lund. His invited guests included broker Alan Shafran of the Alan Shafran GroupAlan Shafran Group in San Diego, and Showing Suite technologist Isaac Guzman.

Alan Shafran was a top producer for Prudential in San Diego with a recurring business of over $100 million in annual transactions before venturing out on his own as a broker. In the webinar, he shared how his firm-wide deployment of Showing Suite was a primary driver in taking the solutions he relied upon as a Realtor® and spreading them across a wider group of his agents. "There are a number of key efficiencies that every broker and agent need to consider to be successful," said Shafran during today's live event. "Managing showings efficiently and getting feedback for the seller are top of my list."

The heart of any brokerage is managing showing appointments. The poll that ran during the webinar indicated that 57% of agents are still managing appointments manually. "In today's world of technology, that is a huge time suck," said Victor Lund of WAV Group. Lund suggests that successful brokerages have solutions that manage that process for their agents so they do not spend hours of their data setting up showings.

For Shafran, a key benefit to showing software is showing feedback software. He trains his agents on how to take the feedback from both agents and buyers and share it with the seller. "If the home does not show well, or the price is wrong, we know right away," says Shafran, "and we can make adjustments immediately to fix it. We also get feedback right away if an agent is preparing an offer."

One of the challenges to showing software is that most solutions do not really help buyer's agents. Issac Guzman demonstrated how his firm has integrated tools for buyers agents and their customers. "Agents give our mobile app to their buyers and they can take photos and notes during showings," said Guzman. All of that information not only helps buyers remember the things they like or dislike about each listing they viewed, but that information is also shared with their agent.

This RETechinar is jam packed with great information. Please take some time to listen. The first 15-20 minutes of the webinar features the conversation with Lund and Shafran, followed by a quick 15-minute product overview from Guzman. We hope you will enjoy this recording and share it with others.

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