WATCH: Turning Your Database into a DataBANK

December 01 2021

In 2014, Greg Dallaire decided that it was "time that we invest in a Ferrari instead of driving a Chevy."

The broker/owner of Dallaire Realty wasn't talking about automobiles, however, but on upgrading his team's technology to take their business to the next level. That's when his team started transforming their database into a "databank."

In a recent webinar, Greg shared the techniques he uses to maximize the value of his database. He touched on everything from leveraging analytics to gauge a lead's interest levels, his past client outreach strategy, and how regular, in-person events make a difference to his brokerage. He also shared how investing in a high level CRM—BoomTown, in his case—made all the difference to his team's success, and he showed us exactly how he uses it.

Watch the webinar recording below to learn how a top real estate practitioner is using technology across his team of 12 people to absolutely kill it in their local market.

Webinar Guests

  • Greg Dallaire, Broker/Owner, Dallaire Realty
  • Moderator: Victor Lund, CEO, RE Technology

Video Timeline

0:00 - Moderator Victor Lund introduces the topic and panelist.

1:00 - Greg Dallaire on growing his brokerage and the technology he uses.

7:25 - Why a successful real estate team is about more than "body count." Greg discusses the longevity of his team members and how he supports their growth.

11:55 - Proof of success: Greg shares his team's sales numbers over the past eight years.

17:57 - Nurturing your database, including past clients, is crucial for a healthy sales pipeline.

19:36 - The details of how Greg leverages past clients and reaches out to them using his CRM, BoomTown.

30:42 - How Dallaire Realty leverages events in his business.

40:13 - How Greg leverages Seller eAlerts, which are like a mini CMA, to get clients to return to his website regularly—rather than going to Zillow, realtor.com, etc.

47:47 - Using predictive analytics with closed clients.

49:38 - Greg recommends a book, Ninja Selling, as a boon to his business.

50:30 - Q&A segment.

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