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Expert lead generation, IDX websites, intelligent CRM, lead management services, and more, come in flexible packages that scale with your success. See why BoomTown is the #1 user-rated real estate CRM year after year!

Teams that use BoomTown do more business! [2021 RealTrends Study]

  • Teams with under 15 agents that use BoomTown do 13-44 more transaction sides per agent than peers.
  • Teams with 16-30 agents that use BoomTown do 10-11 more transaction sides per agent than peers.
  • Teams with 30+ agents that use BoomTown do 5-6 more transaction sides per agent than peers.

See how BoomTown stacks up against other top CRMs in the Real Estate CRM Comparison Report!

Expert Lead Generation That Can’t Be Beat

Experience a 2x higher conversion rate than the industry average. A cost-per-lead that’ll put 20% back in your pocketbook. An IDX website registration rate 152% higher than the industry average. And more transactions than you can count.

Maximize ROI with Success Assurance

Success Assurance is BoomTown’s Lead Concierge Service that monitors your entire database, qualifying & engaging leads on your behalf.

A true extension of your team, we respond to leads 24/7, 365, and pass them over to you once they are conversation-ready. Rest assured that prospects get the attention they need, agents focus on active buyers and sellers, and conversions accelerate.

Everything in One Place

We know how important it is for your website and CRM to communicate, connect, lead behavior, and serving up helpful insights. That’s why BoomTown integrates its solutions into one, cohesive platform, so you can discover more opportunities for lead conversion. 

Beyond our CRM, consumer website, mobile app, and lead gen services, we also integrate with a number of other real estate solutions - like dotloop, BombBomb, and Mojo Dialer.


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One of the outstanding opportunities created by the large scale of a company is the ability to bundle services that deliver outstanding value to customers. Lone Wolf is the largest software provider in the real estate industry with a wide variety of software services to suit MLSs, associations, brokers, teams, agents and transaction coordinators. At the National Association of REALTORS® Legislative Meetings in Washington, D.C., Lone Wolf announced that associations representing over 665,000 agents in the U.S. have renewed Transactions (zipForm Edition) as a member benefit. As a sweetener, some of those associations also opted to receive full transaction capabilities, along with eSignature from zipLogix Digital Ink (powered by Authentisign), LionDesk CRM, and the zipForm Mobile app. If you will recall, before NAR sold zipLogix to Lone Wolf, Transactions (zipForm Edition) was a member benefit of NAR known as zipForm Plus. Now agents/associations need to pay for the service again. The Bundle For those agents who are not in a market where their state association, local association or MLS has renewed with Lone Wolf, two bundles are being made available for agents—the base member benefit for $179 per year, and the premium bundle for $199 per year. This bundle contains the LionDesk CRM—another company acquired by Lone Wolf—as well as the built-in eSignature solution, zipLogix Digital Ink (powered by Authentisign). It is a lot of software for a pretty low price: Transaction Management Forms Management Unlimited Document Storage eSignatures CRM In addition to the low price, agents and their clients will have access to the Lone Wolf Marketplace, making it easy to order title service, home warranty, insurance quotes, and integrated applications like Earnnest (safe earnest money solution), Updater (moving concierge), RentSpree (rental marketplace), and Seller Shield (disclosures). To view the original article, visit the WAV Group
6 Ways Agents Use Elevate CRM for Business Success
Words like "technology" and "CRM" can evoke fear in even the most seasoned real estate professional. But with the launch of Elm Street's Elevate CRM a few years ago, agents can enjoy an easy, intuitive experience designed to streamline daily activities and help prioritize what's most important for business success. Read on to meet some agents using Elevate, and to hear their tips for making the most of all of the tools available. Elevate CRM | Intuitive Dashboard [featuring Jennifer M. from Tulsa, OK] "I was a typical agent using a bunch of different technology products for my business. I was stressed and frustrated because I felt like I had to spend hours every week moving leads around and trying to focus on my follow-up. Elevate CRM has this really slick dashboard that provides me an at-a-glance snapshot of all of my daily activities…who I need to contact, what outreach is being automated, and all of my marketing activities. I was able to cancel four other products, which helped me save money, but it's the intelligent insight and time saved that has turned me into a loyal fan!" Jennifer's Tip: Invest the time to learn about ALL of the features of your Elevate CRM and how you can consolidate and automate a lot of your daily activities. The Elevate coaches are great at helping new users get the most of their experience, as well as helping educate you on what matters most. Struggling with prioritizing daily tasks? Schedule your Elevate tour today and take back control of your time. Elevate CRM | Lead Nurturing Concierge [featuring Jason T. from Los Angeles, CA] "Elevate's Concierge service has literally changed my life! I spend about $1,600 a month on Elevate leads in my market and the Concierge service is converting an average of 12% of them to conversations for me. That's the highest return I've experienced from my lead gen investments. What's even better is that I'm provided an entire transcript of the conversation, which gives me valuable information about my prospect. And…the fact that my prospects think that I have a personal assistant in the L.A. market is priceless!" Jason's Tip: Invest in the follow-up and let someone else do the work. Agents spend a lot on lead gen but then fall short once they've captured the lead—but that's when the work REALLY begins. Using a service like Elevate's Concierge provides prompt, professional follow-up and feeds you the lead at the point of engagement. Not getting the results you want from your lead gen? Connect with an Elevate Success Coach and turn those leads into cha-ching! Elevate CRM | Easy, Professional CMA [featuring Sonja P. from Fort Lauderdale, FL] "Developing a comprehensive CMA can be really time-consuming. One thing that attracted me to Elevate CRM was that they have one of the easiest CMA wizards I've ever used. I can create a gorgeous, professional CMA in minutes, share it with a client, and move on with my day! My clients are always impressed with how quickly I can respond to their need for information." Sonja's Tip: Take advantage of the templates and workflows inside of Elevate CRM. You can automate a bunch of your daily busywork, which allows you to be more responsive to your clients. Wasting too much time creating the perfect CMA? Let Elevate CRM do the heavy lifting for you. Elevate CRM | Social Media Marketing [featuring Lisa L. from Syracuse, NY] "I knew I needed to be on social media, but finding the time to commit to Facebook and other channels was overwhelming to me, plus I had no idea what kind of content to create for my business. Elevate CRM automatically posts all of my listings to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn AND YouTube, plus other great content that my audience likes. I look like a social media rockstar and only have to lift a finger when I want to post something about my personal life. I love how Elevate CRM automatically creates YouTube videos for me of each listing. I would never be able to do that myself!" Lisa's Tip: Let Elevate's social media marketing tools do the work for you, especially if social media isn't one of your strengths, or if you don't want to dedicate the time to creating weekly content. Unsure what content to post on social? Schedule a demo to see how Elevate can automate meaningful content. Elevate CRM | Daily Market Reports [featuring Danielle T. from Colorado Springs, CO] "My favorite feature in Elevate is the daily market reports for my buyers. Any time a listing hits the market that matches their interests, my clients receive an automatically generated email with all of the details, and I am also alerted. In today's low inventory market, we need to move quickly if we want to pursue opportunities, and this tool ensures that my clients are the first to know about exciting new listings or updates on listings of interest." Danielle's Tip: It's hard to always be responsive in a competitive market. Being able to automate important outreach as soon as it hits the MLS gives your clients the advantage they need. Want to be more responsive to your client's needs? Elevate CRM has you covered. Explore today. Elevate CRM | Training and Education [featuring Jeff W. from Dallas, TX] "Sometimes I feel like, after the sale, I'm on my own with my software, but that's not my Elevate experience. It's easy for me to connect with the Elevate Coaching Team, and I really enjoy the level of service I receive. I feel like there are real people who want to help me build my business, and they provide lots of great ongoing training to help me make the most of everything Elevate has to offer." Jeff's Tip: Sign up for Elevate's training webinars and get to know your support team. It helps you make the most out of your experience. Tired of feeling like you're on your own with your technology? Let us show you a better way. Elevate CRM | The Bottom Line A good CRM should save an agent time, money and frustration by providing intelligent, thoughtful tools. Too often, agents are left on their own without the knowledge and expertise to succeed with their marketing and technology. The team behind Elevate CRM are hyper-focused on solving for this issue by providing ongoing training, support and insight into the best practices to drive marketing and business success. Schedule your tour of Elevate CRM today and take back control of your precious
[Podcast] Decoding Real Estate: Growing Business through Your CRM with Ricardo Bueno
You hear the acronym "CRM" all the time in real estate, and you probably even know it stands for Customer Relationship Management. But... are you really managing it? Ricardo Bueno, from Follow Up Boss, can help. His first take? "Your phone is not your CRM!" Ricardo joins Decoding Real Estate to offer strategies, tactics and checklists for utilizing a CRM to its fullest potential. Get tips for managing your contacts, mastering the software, automating "busy" tasks, engaging your sphere, how to revive your touchpoint campaigns, and how to evaluate and segment your database. Decoding Real Estate is hosted by Reggie Nicolay and Genie Willett. Subscribe/Follow Download high converting campaigns And be sure to check out these helpful and relevant links: Follow Up Boss Realtors Property Resource To view the original article, visit the RPR