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Expert lead generation, IDX websites, intelligent CRM, lead management services, and more, come in flexible packages that scale with your success. See why BoomTown is the #1 user-rated real estate CRM year after year!

Teams that use BoomTown do more business! [2021 RealTrends Study]

  • Teams with under 15 agents that use BoomTown do 13-44 more transaction sides per agent than peers.
  • Teams with 16-30 agents that use BoomTown do 10-11 more transaction sides per agent than peers.
  • Teams with 30+ agents that use BoomTown do 5-6 more transaction sides per agent than peers.

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Expert Lead Generation That Can’t Be Beat

Experience a 2x higher conversion rate than the industry average. A cost-per-lead that’ll put 20% back in your pocketbook. An IDX website registration rate 152% higher than the industry average. And more transactions than you can count.

Maximize ROI with Success Assurance

Success Assurance is BoomTown’s Lead Concierge Service that monitors your entire database, qualifying & engaging leads on your behalf.

A true extension of your team, we respond to leads 24/7, 365, and pass them over to you once they are conversation-ready. Rest assured that prospects get the attention they need, agents focus on active buyers and sellers, and conversions accelerate.

Everything in One Place

We know how important it is for your website and CRM to communicate, connect, lead behavior, and serving up helpful insights. That’s why BoomTown integrates its solutions into one, cohesive platform, so you can discover more opportunities for lead conversion. 

Beyond our CRM, consumer website, mobile app, and lead gen services, we also integrate with a number of other real estate solutions - like dotloop, BombBomb, and Mojo Dialer.


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For long-term success as a real estate agent, developing and keeping solid client connections is crucial. However, keeping consumers and getting repeat business in such a cutthroat sector can take time and effort. That's why we've put together a list of the top client retention strategies that will never go out of style. Anyone can use these methods, from a seasoned pro to a newbie, to ensure that their clients are satisfied and coming back for more. So, read on and take some notes on the best ways to retain your real estate clients! Have an Informative Real Estate Website Having an informative real estate website is a key component of any successful client retention strategy. Provide valuable information and resources to your clients through your website to establish yourself as a trusted authority in the industry. Also, a well-designed, user-friendly, visually appealing website can help establish your credibility and professionalism as a real estate agent. So, make sure your website is up-to-date, user-friendly, and provides valuable information to your clients. Use Advanced Real Estate Technology Another top client retention strategy agents can continue to use is advanced technology. In today's fast-paced real estate industry, using advanced technology can be a game-changer for real estate professionals looking to retain clients. Agents are shifting towards API-based real estate solutions, headless websites, and high-functioning CRMs. With innovative tools such as virtual tours, interactive property maps, and online scheduling systems, agents can provide clients with an enhanced buying or selling experience. This saves time and helps clients visualize their dream homes more effectively. Referrals Want to pull in more clients? Look no further than your current client base. Ensure that you are keeping in touch with your clients after the sale. If not, you're missing out on a golden opportunity to grow your business. Word of mouth is powerful, and satisfied clients are more likely to refer their friends and family to your business. Plus, who doesn't love a good bonus or discount? Treat your clients well and watch the referrals roll in. Market Mastery To retain customers, you need to have a deep understanding of the market and your clients' preferences. Study your clients' purchasing habits and tastes, and use that knowledge to captivate their attention and satisfy their desires. By mastering the market, you'll be able to provide personalized service that keeps them coming back for more. Customer Satisfaction This may seem like a no-brainer, but it's surprising that some Realtors focus solely on closing deals without taking the time to understand their customers' needs and desires. At the end of the day, customer satisfaction is key to retaining clients. Don't just focus on closing deals – take the time to truly understand your clients' needs. By communicating with your clients and making them feel heard and valued, you'll build a strong relationship that will keep them coming back for more. And don't forget to conduct post-close surveys to get feedback and continually improve your services. Bottom Line It takes more than just experience and hard work to succeed in the real estate industry. At the end of the day, customer retention comes down to customer satisfaction. Keep your clients happy, and they'll keep coming back. To view the original article, visit the Realtyna
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The hot summer housing market is just around the corner. Is your real estate business ready? All agents who want this season to be their most successful one yet should be taking a moment to prepare for the upcoming shifts in the market. Typically, summertime sees a surge of buyer demand alongside more homeowners listing their properties for sale. According to a study that investigated the times of the year when people are more likely to move, June is one of the busiest months — with July 31 being the single most busy day for moving in the U.S. For agents, this means that more buyers and sellers usually enter the market at this bustling time of year. If you want to capitalize on these opportunities and lock in more transactions to grow your business, there are steps you can already start taking to prepare for the summer real estate rush. 3 Best Practices to Prepare for Real Estate's Summer Rush Agents, it's time to take notes. We've put together three must-do tasks to help you strategically "spring clean" your real estate business. From optimizing your workflow to making sure that your tech stack is equipped to boost its bandwidth, here's everything you need to do. 1. Polish Up Your CRM Contact List First things first, it all starts with your CRM. Your database of contacts is like a gold mine for your business — but whether or not you activate its full potential depends on how you leverage it. To ensure that your database is ready to roll into real estate's busiest time of year, take some time to review your contacts. Correct any errors, add any additional insights you may have, and tag all of your contacts under the correct categories — so you'll know at a glance where they lie in your funnel (are they lukewarm, cold, or ultra-hot?) and what their transaction type is (buyers, sellers, downsizing?). Having a clean contact database means that when you get a rush of new leads, you're prepared to do your best business and use your CRM to its full potential. 2. Audit Your Technology Tools If you haven't performed a technology audit recently, now is a great time to make sure that all of your tools are working well for your business. Look for any possible system upgrades or new offerings that may be available to improve your efficiency. We recommend doing some quick research on the websites of your tech providers or reaching out to service teams to get the inside scoop on all things new. As you review your current set of technologies, prioritize automation — which can help you do more without actually having to do more. To streamline everywhere you can to get the maximum efficiency out of your tech software, make sure that you're leveraging smart integrations. Automation frees up time in your day while giving you access to more business opportunities. 3. Enhance Your Drip Email Marketing Campaigns Are your drip email campaigns in need of a refresher? As you're automating your workflow, make sure to give your nurture campaigns some TLC before summertime hits. Revisit your action plan and customize your nurture cadence to make sure that you're hitting the optimum number of touchpoints — which is 10, per lead, per month — and are reaching out on diverse platforms, like email, text, social media ads, and more. To view the original article, visit the BoomTown