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imageSurge offers energy efficient, touch-interactive storefront window displays. The system allows real estate offices to publish and update listings with real-time MLS connectivity, integrate other content, instantaneously post-time sensitive information, and permanently eliminate a wide range of traditional marketing production and operational costs. Some key features of the display inclue the utilization of backlight and LCD heat-resistance technology to ensure visibility under direct sunligh. Through-window audio and touch screen capabilities can also be leveraged for lead acquisition, audience metrics and tracking analytics.
Real Estate Signs
Real estate signs from Dee Sign have a variety of key features. They provide custom art for each customer with no extra charge They do not use templates Artists consult with customers to provide a unique look that results in an immediately recognizable brand. They can recreate existing sign layout or design something new. They'll update designs with a website address, QR code, or add a photo. An artist will send each client a full-sized drawing and coordinate client approval