Website, VOW Compliance and Risk Assessment by Privacy Solutions
Privacy Solutions® can help an agent, brokerage, or MLS organization establish a step-by-step approach to a sound privacy solution by. They can conduct a website evaluation, write appropriate privacy policies and terms of use statements, conduct privacy and information security training, and more. Their 5 step approach includes: "Getting Started - Risk Assessment" "Privacy Compliance Audit - Risk Management" "Privacy Implementation Components" "One-On-One Consultations" regarding specific situations, issues or projects "New Product Evaluations" - Audit new product offerings against company principles, standards and procedures prior to release Products include: Free Website Risk Check - Privacy Gurus® will check an agent, broker or MLS website for any potential risk for free Virtual Office Website (VOW) Compliance Check – Real estate professionals can choose to have their Real Estate VOW Privacy Policy and Terms of Use checked to make sure it is compliant to NAR standards. They can also add a website review to this package and/or a website risk analysis. Prices vary depending on the depth of the compliance check Website Compliance Check – Privacy Solutions offers two packages, depending on the website size, both include their 104-point checklist to evaluate any lurking liabilities Privacy Solutions provides online and offline privacy management, privacy compliance steps, data security, training and seminars and legislative monitoring/lobbying/coalition building.