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Better Voicemail
Just drag the features you want, and drop them into place! Creating a voicemail system that works for you couldn't be any easier! Voicemail transcripts save you time when relaying information to other team members and assistants. Transcripts can easily be imported into your CRM. We replace the voicemail for your existing cell phone, so you don't have to give out another number! Your mobile phone number is important to your professional identity. Better Voicemail keeps your missed calls from turning into missed opportunities by capturing call information. We provide valuable information in our app on every call that you are unable to answer, even if the caller does not leave a message! You can make your Better Voicemail system play alternate greetings to first time callers or to specific contact groups. You can route calls to other team members based on who is calling, or the time of day. Calls can be automatically forwarded to team members when you can't answer your phone. Team members can share a voicemail inbox so calls can be responded to faster. Automatically creating CRM contacts when you miss a call from a new person is easy! We add a contact note each time you miss a call and include the voicemail transcription and call tags. When you are rushing between appointments, or in and out of meetings, you don’t have to spend your time going through every voicemail and listening to long-winded messages. The Better Voicemail Online Wizard lets you apply customized "tags" to calls based on what the caller did in your voicemail. These tags let you quickly see what the call was about before even listening to (or reading) the message. Better Voicemail enables you to showcase your brand by sending the caller a text message with information about your company or products, or by creating a menu that lets the caller find answers to the questions they may have. Greet your callers with something more than just "leave me a message...beeep". With our customization tool, you can create a menu that lets callers find the information about the company or specific products or services that they need. We provide consistent audio and text branding across all team members. When you find yourself needing to reference a lead from a few weeks ago, your carrier voicemail is typically useless. Because Better Voicemail is cloud based, all of your voicemails are automatically archived for you. You never run out of space and all of your voicemails are accessible from any web enabled device. When you can't answer your phone, why worry that you're missing an important call? Better Voicemail gives you assurance that callers are getting the information they need. Your brand will be reinforced even when you can't answer the phone. Having access to your voicemails via the web, means that you do not need to have access to your mobile phone to see or manage your missed calls. Provides Intelligent NotificationsWe tag your voicemails based on what the caller does after you miss a call. We send you a notification listing these tags so you immediately have an idea of what the call was about.
Workface provides live text, audio and video chat that can easily be installed on your website, social media, and beyond. This live chat software platform provides real-time one-on-one conversations at a customer's crucial moment-of-interest. It allows you to directly and personally engage a prospect socially over the internet. Nearly 90% of home buyers start the search for their next home online. Despite advances in property listing information, real estate remains a relationship business. The size and complexity of the investment means home buyers want an agent they can trust. However, research shows that most real estate agents are too slow to respond to the immediate needs of the online shopper, forcing homebuyers to move on to competitor's websites. Workface can help improve the speed of trust and agents move online home buyers to offline showings. By using Workface, you will generate more business by more effectively supporting your online activities with technology that provides prospects a new choice: an immediate engagement with a live real estate agent. Workface is deployable on websites, on social networks, in banners ads, and more. Workface has been shown to improve visitor-to-lead conversion rates by as much as 400% while improving the digital customer experience.