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Delta Media Group Launches SMS Texting in DeltaNET 6
CANTON, Ohio -- Michael Minard, CEO and Owner of Delta Media Group, announced today his company's recent launch of SMS Texting in DeltaNET 6. "We're thrilled to introduce SMS texting found in DeltaNET 6 to the forefront of the real estate industry," says Minard. "Our Tech Team outdid itself with the deep integration of texting capabilities throughout the entire DeltaNET 6 platform." DeltaNET 6 allows real estate professionals to use direct text messaging SMS blast messaging, and SMS message with email campaigns to share their expertise with clients and build long-lasting relationships. Franklin Stoffer, Senior Key Accounts Consultant and Sales Manager for Delta Media Group, comments, "Research has shown that emails have a 6% open rate on average. Text messages, on the other hand, have a reported 98% open rate. The data shows that more than 90% of all text messages are read within three minutes of receiving the message." Stoffer continues, "Our clients will now have a reliable and direct channel to communicate to their clients with relevant content, new listing information, and more. Picture this scenario, you are running a virtual open house through Facebook on a Saturday afternoon. You go to your CRM and create a bulk text message to send to all of your active buyers with a link directly to your virtual open house. Within minutes you could have dozens of active clients watching you tour a house through Facebook. There are so many unique ways to take advantage of these tools." To find out more about incorporating SMS texting into your marketing plans, contact Franklin Stoffer. About Delta Media Group Delta Media Group, located in Canton, Ohio, is the creator of DeltaNET 6, the real estate industry's most advanced all-in-one technology platform. Delta Media Group is 100% family-owned and operated with no outside investors and no VC funding. As a leading technology provider to the top U.S. real estate companies, Delta provides clients with both form and function in DeltaNET 6, saving them money and reducing the frustration of managing multiple online relationships. When you work with Delta Media Group, you're getting a technology partner that you can trust rather than merely a tech vendor.
Text Marketing Arrives at IXACT Contact
Have you ever considered how heavily our lives center around texting and our mobile phones? We rely on our mobile phones for just about anything, whether it is for entertainment purposes, for faster communication, safety, and even to pass time by while waiting in a long lineup! In other words, the mobile phone is a constant part of our daily lives, more so than any other device. In fact, text messaging is one of the most heavily used forms of communication, given that it takes no more than four minutes for someone to reply to a text message and has an astounding open rate of 98%. On the other hand, email communication can take up to 48 hours with an open rate of usually 20%! At IXACT Contact, we know this is a vital aspect of your real estate business and brand. Introducing Text Marketing at IXACT Contact That's why we are thrilled to share the launch of our newest feature with; Text Marketing! With an astounding 30% of all home searches being done through mobile phone, text marketing is crucial. With this newest feature available to you right at your fingertips (literally), you can connect with your leads and past clients with ease. You will also be able to maintain and nurture relationships with your current and active customers, in just a matter of seconds. Your real estate business will flourish and you will stay current and top-of-mind with all of your contacts! With IXACT Contact's Text Marketing tool, text messaging can be programmed into your daily tasks. As a result, you will experience less stress with the prospect of communicating with your contacts, which can be time-consuming. IXACT Contact's Text Marketing tool puts your user first and ensures that your real-estate business and network grows. You can set a personalized text message to a targeted group of contacts, as well as engage with contacts via text, directly from the contact's profile page on your CRM. Additionally, you may set up a text auto-responder in order to immediately respond to leads in which your IXACT Contact CRM captures. This way, you will never have a lead slip through the cracks. You can also record outgoing text messages as well as replies to your IXACT Contact texting phone number on each contact's communication history. This results in a more complete history of your conversations with your contacts than ever before. Any important details throughout the conversation will go into your IXACT Contact database for future use. This way, you can always go back to your communication history and never leave out an important detail. Your leads will be nurtured, your connection with your clients will be stronger than ever, and you will build life-long relationships. Summary Text Marketing is becoming a large component of a real estate agent's daily schedule and we want to ensure that it fits into your lifestyle as well. Combined with a next-generation real estate CRM tool, Text Marketing will ensure that your clients and leads remember you! Automated social media marketing, a monthly e-newsletter, daily task reminders, greeting cards, and other forms of communication, will enhance the effectiveness of our Text Marketing tool. As a result, your contacts will reach out to you or refer you to anyone in their social sphere. It's like the cherry on top of a cake! Stay top-of-mind, organized, current, and achieve your goals, with IXACT Contact's Text Marketing feature! Start Using our Text Marketing Feature To start using IXACT Contact's Text Marketing feature, you will need to purchase your own texting phone number. For only $5 a month, you can take advantage of using this service to cater to your clients. Every month, you will have an allotment of 100 text messages at no additional cost. You may also purchase more text messages as well. To take advantage of Text Marketing, please give us a call at 1.866.665.0018 or email us at [email protected] Don't have an IXACT Contact account, give us a try and sign up for your Free 5-week trial today, risk-free. We also encourage you to watch our Text Marketing Tutorial which will help you get started with Text Marketing! You won't regret it! To view the original post, visit the IXACT Contact blog.
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IXACT Contact Introduces Text Marketing
IXACT Contact is very excited to announce the release of Text Marketing, the next step in our evolution as a leading-edge real estate marketing solution. Our smartphones have become an extension of who we are. If you leave it in the car while you're in line for a coffee, you're instantly bored. If you forget it at home and you're on the road, you feel panicked and lost. When a device has such an impact on our lives, does it not make sense that we should use it to our businesses' full advantage? Text marketing with IXACT Contact is exactly what it sounds like: we give you the ability to connect with your leads, current clients and past clients via convenient and automated text messages right to their mobile phones. By partnering with a real estate CRM that is already integrated with text messaging, you can quickly and easily organize your business, manage your database and capitalize on a current, quickly-growing marketing avenue. Did you know that approximately 82% of text messages are read within 5 minutes and the average response takes place in 90 seconds? On the flip side, consumers only open 1 in 4 emails they receive! The reality is, today over 80-90% of homebuyers start their search online and about 30% of them are on a mobile phone. You don't have time to waste. We get it. And that's why IXACT Contact's reputation for an easy-to-use, user-friendly, simple-to-learn CRM translates to its latest text marketing add-on too. Within a few minutes, you and your database will be fully integrated. Give it a try! 60-Day FREE Trial of IXACT Contact Have any additional questions or want to see a quick demo? Contact us at 1-866-665-0018 or [email protected]
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