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Matterport launches Notes, an interactive collaboration and communication tool for its digital twins
Notes enables real-time collaboration, communication, group field notes, documentation to unlock big productivity gains for teams SUNNYVALE, Calif., Aug. 25, 2021 -- Matterport, Inc., the leading spatial data company driving the digital transformation of the built world, today announced the open beta launch of Notes, a conversational, real-time team collaboration, communication and file sharing tool directly inside Matterport digital twins. With Notes, home buyers and renters can invite friends and family to visually locate and tag their favorite rooms and features of a property; corporate teams in the workplace can collaborate on space planning and office layouts; and enterprise organizations can manage facilities, assign tasks, and make key operating decisions across a portfolio of remote locations faster. "Notes is a game-changer for teamwork and efficiency," commented Japjit Tulsi, Chief Technology Officer at Matterport. "Increasingly, companies are adopting business collaboration and communication functionality in order to improve work across distributed workforces to save time and money. Notes is an industry-first, bringing collaborative conversations to digital twins. By enabling interaction with specific locations and objects directly within the digital twin, Notes saves considerable time and significantly improves coordination, teamwork, efficiency and productivity across multiple stakeholders," he added. Using Notes, users can have conversations directly within a Matterport space. Anyone who is invited to a space can ask questions or insert comments, view, reply to, and create conversation threads, and receive instant email notifications when new activity happens. New users can be easily added via @mentions. Additionally, multiple users can securely share and access files and engage in rich threads which include attachments, images, documents, and videos. With built-in privacy features, only invited participants can view and comment on Notes, even if a Matterport space is publicly available. Watch how Notes works here: Notes also provides task management capabilities within the digital twin, including functionality to resolve a task note when completed and categorization of tasks with hashtags and colors. File uploads in digital twins are securely stored in the Matterport Cloud and only accessible to those with access to the space. All of these capabilities can be applied at scale across an entire portfolio of projects and properties at an enterprise level. Notes is being used across a wide range of industries, including: Residential real estate: homeowners can communicate more easily with contractors and designers for home projects; document insurance claims visually; or invite friends and family to tag and discuss what they like about homes they are considering renting or buying. Commercial real estate: landlords can provide faster information to service teams working on building maintenance and facilities management. Architecture, engineering and construction: architects can collaborate on interior architecture decisions remotely; building engineers can address remote inspections and site assessments, while construction teams can connect vendors, assign subcontractor tasks and coordinate on-side trades all remotely and in real-time. Retail: store managers can communicate directly with central teams on merchandising and store layouts for greater consistency and faster execution across multiple locations at once – all from just a laptop or smartphone. Learn how to get started today with Notes here. About Matterport Matterport, Inc. (Nasdaq: MTTR) is leading the digital transformation of the built world. Our groundbreaking spatial data platform turns buildings into data to make spaces more valuable and accessible. Millions of buildings in more than 150 countries have been transformed into immersive Matterport digital twins to improve every part of the building lifecycle from planning, construction, and operations to documentation, appraisal and marketing. Learn more at matterport.com and browse a gallery of digital twins.