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The Benefits of Advanced Commission Payment for Real Estate Agents, with eCommission
This month, David and Victor invited eCommission's Founder and CEO, Sean Whaling, to discuss today's market and his company. I was surprised to learn that many people have not heard about eCommission or understand the benefits of advanced commission payment service to brokers and MLSs. How eCommission works, in a nutshell: once an agent has an executed sales contract, they come to eCommission to receive an advance on their commission instead of waiting until the transaction closes. What is very impressive is that eCommission can turn around payment in a day—a lifesaver for agents who may need an influx of cash to keep their business stable.
Comp Talks: Real Estate Agents (Part 1 of 2)
Real estate agents have faced many challenges in the recent past, including the advent of Zillow and online portals, and now the pressure to reduce fees and/or adopt a fee-based compensation model. The investment advisory industry offers great insights into this transition, as it is one that has been adopting a move to fee-based compensation over the past 20 years. Should the real estate industry follow suit?
How Integrating Quickbooks with Your Back Office Can Save You Thousands