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Matterport Unveils New Cloud Platform, Unlocking Ubiquitous Access to 3D Technology
Company's AI-powered image-processing software creates dynamic 3D experiences from third-party 360-degree cameras SUNNYVALE, Calif. and NEW YORK ā€“ Jan. 28, 2019 ā€“ Matterport, the world leader in 3D capture technology and data, today unveiled Matterport Cloud 3.0, a subscription-based platform that puts 3D capture in the hands of businesses and individuals worldwide. The company's new cloud software platform enhances the power of Matterport's flagship Pro2 camera, and enables new users to transform panoramic and 360-degree imagery from spherical lens cameras into Matterport 3D - fully immersive 3D models. A breakthrough in its category, these new capabilities in 3D capture are made possible by the advancements in Matterport's AI-powered image-processing technology, known as Cortex. Cortex is trained on Matterport's world-leading dataset comprising billions of 3D data points, and can construct stunning 3D models from two-dimensional images captured with spherical lens cameras, including Ricoh Theta V and Insta360ā„¢ ONE X. This new class of cameras, which start at under $400, provides a low-cost, entry-level solution for the capture, creation and publishing of 3D experiences. Matterport Cloud 3.0 expands Matterport's ecosystem of professional 3D capture - adding to Matterport's Pro2 camera line and the Leica Geosystems BLK360 laser scanner - making its revolutionary 3D experiences accessible to a significantly wider market. The new offering is for customers who don't require the accuracy, performance and image quality of Matterport's professional products. RJ Pittman, CEO of Matterport, stated, "Today marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Matterport, our customers, partners and service providers. With Matterport Cloud 3.0 and Cortex, we are taking an important step in our evolution to better serve new and existing customers and partners with more choices to get started and grow with 3D capture. The power of our new software platform brings us one step closer to camera ubiquity. The versatility enables us to deliver a compelling entry-level solution for simple, smaller projects, while we continue to innovate and extend our industry-leading Pro2 capture experience for professional users." In addition to these important advancements for Matterport Cloud 3.0, the company is committed to thoughtfully opening up the platform to the broader developer community starting this year. This will bring an entirely new suite of functionality to Matterport's customers for both new and existing 3D spaces. Pittman added, "Matterport introduced the category of 3D capture for the built environment and created a market that revolutionized the real estate and construction industries. Looking forward, our newly expanded capture ecosystem and increased focus on Matterport Cloud unlocks our strategy to accelerate innovation, and deliver new features and functionality that our customers need. This includes important third-party integrations that our customers, partners and developers have only begun to imagine." Matterport Cloud 3.0 Highlights Cortex, Matterport's industry-leading AI engine, has the unique ability to transform 360-degree images from spherical cameras into immersive 3D experiences using machine learning algorithms based on Matterport's unique dataset comprising billions of 3D data points. Cortex includes three-dimensional intelligence that can understand objects, rooms and the detailed characteristics of a space; automatically choose well-composed photos; and label specific rooms on a floor plan. Matterport 3.0 Updates Workshop 3.0 - Matterport's core image editing environment now has a more intuitive user interface and better organization of features and controls. Showcase 3.0 & SDK - Released with dramatic increases in both speed and performance, especially when rendering large-scale 3D models. Capture App 3 - Matterport's all-new version of its 3D capture app (in beta) now runs on both iPhone and iPad to seamlessly guide and manage the 3D scanning and uploading process across all compatible hardware devices. It includes user interface enhancements based on feedback from existing customers as well as many other speed and performance improvements. Availability and Pricing Software updates Matterport's new suite of 3.0 software: Cloud, Workshop, Showcase and Capture, are all available to Matterport's existing customers in beta starting today. Subscription pricing and early access for third-party 360 camera owners Matterport will be releasing a new feature-packed free trial option and a $9.99 "Starter" subscription tier for supported 360 cameras beginning in March 2019. Early adopters and existing users of supported 360 cameras can request access now at Pro 2 camera launch promotion Pro 2 and Pro 2 Lite cameras will be available at a discounted price for a limited time in celebration of the major announcements this week. The following pricing will take effect, starting today: Pro2 3D Camera - Originally $3,395, will be available for $2,995 Pro2 Lite 3D Camera - Originally $2,495, will be available for $1,995 About Matterport Matterport is the world leader in immersive 3D technology, offering a platform for prosumers and professionals to easily capture, edit and share 3D models of physical spaces. These navigable virtual tours are presented in Matterport's proprietary photo-realistic digital media format. Experience places through Matterport's interactive 3D models online as if you are actually there:
Matterport Releases Pro2 Lite, Its Most Affordable Camera for Capturing Properties in True3D
Immersive 3D Media Technology Company Offers New Lower-Cost 3D Camera, Making 3D Technology More Accessible to Everyone SUNNYVALE, Calif., Feb. 15, 2018 -- Matterport, an immersive 3D media technology company, today announced the Pro2 Lite, its latest and most affordable camera. At $2,495, the Pro2 Lite makes the power of 3D technology more accessible than ever. The Pro2 Lite delivers the same fast and easy-to-use interactive 3D walkthrough experience and high-resolution 2D photography capabilities as the Pro2 model. With its push-button simplicity, the Pro2 Lite requires no training, weighs less than the Pro2, and offers the same high-quality imaging that is synonymous with Matterport. Unlike other companies that claim to provide "3D" tours, but are actually offering 360 panoramas that create a disjointed user experience, Matterport walkthroughs are True3DTM. Matterport's industry-leading technology creates fully immersive 3D experiences, as well as a unique 3D "dollhouse" view, which offers smooth transitions from room to room, conveys an immediate understanding of scale, and illustrates spatial relationships within a property. True3DTM space capture is becoming the baseline for property marketing, communication, collaboration and documentation, in real estate, retail, travel and hospitality, architecture, engineering, construction, and insurance. The Pro2 Lite will help fuel that momentum and will support Matterport's mission to democratize 3D technology by making it more affordable. Customers can now set themselves apart by showing their clients that they invest in the best technology, all at a lower cost to get started. The key differences between the Pro2 Lite and the Pro2 are a shorter battery life and a different pricing structure for creating content. With four hours of battery life, a Pro2 Lite user can scan up to 8,000 square feet of space before charging the battery. The Pro2 Lite is a great option for businesses who are just getting started with Matterport, but still want to offer their clients the best 3D technology available. "Matterport offers the world's most advanced 3D reality capture platform for businesses that want to interact with clients and partners in immersive True3DTM," said Bill Brown, Matterport CEO. "We are excited to now offer a version of the Matterport Pro2 camera at a price point that makes 3D even more accessible. Immersive 3D media is on track to replace 2D photography as the digital medium to communicate about properties, and the Pro2 Lite will help to accelerate that shift." The Pro2 Lite release comes on the heels of Matterport's announcement that the company has enabled publishing of Matterport scans to Google Street View and rolled out significantly faster "capture" capabilities, which allow users to capture immersive 3D experiences as well as 2D photos in less time than it traditionally takes to capture just 2D photos. This dramatically increases the usefulness, as well as the ROI, for customers. The Pro2 Lite will be shipping in March and is available for pre-order here. About Matterport Headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, Matterport is creating a True3Dā„¢ image of the physical world with its innovative, end-to-end platform for capturing, experiencing, and modifying digital copies of every real world places on Web, mobile devices, and VR headsets. The company uses its proprietary machine-vision and deep learning platforms to fuel ongoing product innovation. Matterport's Cameras and Cloud Services make it quick and easy to turn real-world places into immersive virtual experiences. Matterport customers have produced almost 800,000 models across 80 countries; these models have been visited nearly 300 million times. More information about Matterport is available at
Matterport Introduces 134 Megapixel All-In-One Camera, Adding New High-Resolution 2D Photos for Print and Digital to Market-Leading 3D Camera