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Looking for Job Postings? Try Social Networks!

October 19 2010

searchJason Yormark recently bogged about a new resource for professionals looking to post jobs and search for jobs within their industry.  Here are the links he suggested in his blog post.

Mashable Job Board 
While you’ll be competing with quite a few people for these, they still post quality opportunities that are worth a look.

Social Media Jobs on Twitter 
I’ve found following @socialmediajobs to post some unique and worthwhile listings.  If you’re in the market, it can’t hurt to follow and keep your eyes on their stream.

Great resource to comb Twitter for job postings.  Just use “social media” or “community manager” to get started.

The Community Job Board 
Maintained by community expert Jake McKee, another great community manager job resource.

Online Community Managers Job Board 
A great resource to find community manager roles maintained by @SueOnTheWeb (which she also posts on her twitter feed as well).

If you would like to read the full blog post, please click here.