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Real Estate Contracts Signed with eSignOnline

May 19 2010

Escondido, CA – GoPaperless Solutions is pleased to announce a major ground breaking development in the arena of electronic signatures on sales contracts. 

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) issued a Mortgagee Letter on April 8th, 2010 announcing their endorsement and acceptance of electronic signatures on third party documents, such as real estate contracts and sales contracts. Now real estate professionals and their clients who use eSignOnline to electronically sign real estate documents can sign with confidence. 

Electronic signatures in real estate has been growing rapidly, however there has been some resistance in the past with some lenders and banks not accepting real estate contracts signed electronically. This is no longer the case with this announcement from FHA that sets precedence for the lending institutions in the United States. A copy of the FHA Mortgagee Letter can be found on the HUD website at 

eSignOnline uses a simple easy to use interface for navigation and a wizard interface to send documents out for signatures. With 6 simple steps, you can setup and create a new signing session, invite multiple signers to the session, upload multiple documents, drop signature, initial, date, form fields, and checkbox zones on contracts, preview the contract, and send out for signatures. All parties are notified immediately once a contract has been fully executed. Get contracts signed quickly by using eSignOnline to capture signatures of clients who are across town, out of town, out of state, out of the country, or just simply anywhere! To learn more about eSignOnline, click here