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IXACT Contact Unveils New Social Stream Function to Help Agents Aggregate High-Value Content

December 17 2017

The Twin Firepower of a World-Class CRM Meets High-Quality Content

TORONTO, ON (DECEMBER 13, 2017)IXACT Contact announced the unveiling of their new Social Stream service; an exclusive extension of their world-class Real Estate CRM designed to curate and publish helpful articles and videos found in top publications, all within the agents' brand to help generate real estate leads.

With the announcement of Social Stream, IXACT Contact is addressing a common marketing barrier within the real estate industry. Curating high-value content from reputable publications is an incredibly time-consuming and expensive process – and even more so to do it consistently. Social Stream addresses this problem by sourcing fully vetted content, all customized to the real estate agents' preference.

Social Stream is an add-on to IXACT Contact that completely automates the process of finding and streaming high quality content to your social media sites, enabling you to reap the benefits of a more active, engaging social media presence - without any work on the agents' part.

With today's announcement, IXACT Contact is giving real estate agents the added ability to:

  • Automate the process of finding and streaming high quality content to their social media sites.
  • Fully customize what publications to pull content from, the frequency and what specific topics to source.
  • Access Tier-1 gated publications with the subscription rights to this exclusive digital content from the world's most admired journalists.
  • Control the branded experience where prospects are taken to a special web page created just for the agents' brand.
  • Save the time it takes to source, vet and publish content along with the money it costs for hiring someone to manage this process.
  • Social Stream can also capture leads directly into your IXACT Contact CRM database via an optional or mandatory lead capture form that can be activated on your very own branded landing page.

Controlling The Branded Path to Conversion

The glaring weakness in content curation is that the links typically go to the publication's website, along with its respective branding and sponsored advertising. Meaning a real estate agents' audience is clicking away from their information and might even be seeing advertisements promoting a competitor.

Social Stream solves this problem. When prospects click on an article or video, they are taken to a special web page created specifically with the agents' branding.

"Social Stream makes it easy for agents to curate high-quality content, and to customize it in a way that fits their branding and key messaging," says Rich Gaasenbeek, Co-Founder and EVP, IXACT Contact. "Agents can generate leads in the background and truly own the path to conversion in less time and at a price point they can't match."

IXACT Contact is committed to developing the marketing firepower that allows real estate agents to focus on their core competencies while still generating leads and keeping a competitive edge in the market.

About IXACT Contact

IXACT Contact® is an easy-to-use web-based real estate CRM and marketing solution. IXACT Contact includes robust real estate contact management, powerful email and social media marketing, and mobile friendly REALTOR® websites. IXACT Contact helps real estate agents generate leads that convert into clients, keep in touch with past clients, hot prospects, and important referral sources, and stay organized and in control as their business grows.