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E-Signatures Now Legal in Ontario! Go Paperless with loadingDOCS and DealTap

June 18 2015

The time has come! The Ontario government has passed an amendment to the Electronic Commerce ActElectronic Commerce Act that allows electronic signatures on the Agreement of Purchase and Sale.

What does this mean for real estate brokerages, agents and clients in Ontario?

Starting July 1st, 2015 you will be able to completely create, edit, share, sign, approve and store all of your offers without ever touching a piece of paper thanks to DealTapDealTap and loadingDOCSloadingDOCS.

Collaboration has never been easier!

Here's how you can create a paperless brokerage in 5 easy steps:

  1. Creation: Agents use DealTap to create their required document.
  2. Execution: All changes, opens and signatures that are made to the document during the negotiation stages will be tracked – eliminating room for human error.
  3. Submission: By simply clicking a button – the executed document is submitted directly from DealTap into loadingDOCS for the next necessary steps to close the transaction.
  4. Review/Approve: Office Administrators will automatically have access through loadingDOCS clipboards, checklists, and direct-to-agent communication to ensure the right documents are submitted.
  5. Storage: All documents submitted into loadingDOCS are stored with security equal to that used by banks. Agents, office staff and consumers can access the final executed document through loadingDOCS. With effective and safe storage your office can be ready and confident for any unexpected RECO audits and litigation.

It's your business. The path to paperless starts herehere!

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