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Equator offers a robust suite of software, training and ecommerce solutions for Real Estate Agents and Brokers. The proprietary Equator Platform and integrated products are relied on by Lenders and Servicers nationwide to manage delinquent loans and properties. Agents using Equator significantly increase their revenue-generating potential and dramatically streamline their interactions with Lenders.
Fannie Mae
Fannie Mae has three lines of business - Single-Family, Multifamily and Capital Markets - that provide services and products to lenders and a broad range of housing partners. Together, these businesses contribute to the company's chartered mission to increase the amount of funds available in order to make homeownership and rental housing more available and affordable.
Geo Data Plus
GeoData Plus is a data source used by thousands of real estate professionals throughout the states of New York and New Jersey. GeoData’s clients are appraisers, real estate agents, investors, mortgage companies and tax reduction professionals. Services include detailed property reports, sales comparables, foreclosures, mortgages, for sale/for rent listings and maps.
MORE >® was founded in 1996 as an Internet-only lead generation shop. Originally started as a pilot project for The Equitable (of New York) as an experiment to see whether life insurance prospecting and sales could be accomplished on a multi-state basis, ® quickly grew to include nine insurance-specific products, five mortgage-specific products, as well as credit and other financial service products. Today we service on either a local, regional, or national level nearly every major insurance/mortgage carrier across the nation.
PRIMARQ is the next generation of residential real estate finance. For decades, the pursuit of the American Dream of home ownership has largely been facilitated by borrowing significant funds from banks and other lending institutions. Over the last five years, we have all seen the challenges and the damage done from excessive leverage to home buyers and owners, financial institutions and even the federal government. We, at PRIMARQ, believe that the method of financing a home purchase or accessing the equity in the home is in need of change. In response, we have developed a new capital exchange, where global accredited investors invest equity capital alongside home buyers in their purchase of homes as well as provide existing home owners a new avenue to monetize their equity by selling a portion of their residence. With transactions known as “equity sharing,” our market is a comprehensive system that enables private investors to provide funding to buyers and owners in exchange for an ownership interest in the home, rather than lending money against the current value and requiring monthly payments. The investor is motivated by the potential appreciation in value.
Quicken Loans
  Get the Mortgage That’s Right for You We make sure you have the details you need to get the right solution based on your needs. Know Your Loan’s Status 24/7 We give you online tools to keep track of what we need from you, what we’re working on and what’s already done. Save Time We offer a fast, online application process, let you set your own time and place for closing, and give you the ability to manage your mortgage from your phone. Wondering how we make things so simple?  Read all about our Amazing Mortgage Process.
RatePlug works within your area MLS to create an invaluable tool to Agents, Lenders (selected by their Agents) and, the Homebuyer as they search for homes. Thru standard MLS reports that Realtors send , the homebuyer can play “what if” with the numbers to find the mortgage program that best fits their home buying scenario. Every piece of information created is archived to provide you 100% confidence regarding the FTC MAP ruling.