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Realtors Property Resource® (RPR)
This initiative is based on the collaborative efforts of REALTORS® and the real estate community, including Brokers, MLSs and Associations. RPR’s core mission is to reinforce the REALTOR’S® value in the market place by keeping them ahead of the technology curve and better able to serve today’s’ technology empowered
Bridge Interactive Group
We are software development leaders using RETS Compliant, cutting-edge, technologies to deliver business solutions that meet the needs of our clients. We work with organizations that embrace technology as a means of achieving excellence in their businesses. Currently we serve clients in the USA and Europe, via offices in Atlanta and


LiveBy empowers real estate professionals with the tools to position themselves as local experts and helps buyers and sellers uncover a deeper understanding of neighborhoods. LiveBy services allow brokerages and agents to display hyper-local content on websites, distribute neighborhood market reports and position brands as the go-to source for neighborhood and community information. LiveBy houses the largest database of proprietary neighborhood boundaries across the U.S., Canada, Cayman Islands, and the Bahamas. Their methods of associating local data to micro-level boundaries, allow companies to deploy hyper-targeted marketing strategies to boost website engagement, SEO and nurture leads on a local level.


Related Companies

Frame of Mind Coaching

At Frame of Mind Coaching we recognize that the single biggest difference between top performers and everyone else is the way they think. Frame of Mind Coaching is about empowering you with the tools of deliberate thought that top performers are able to access instantly and use to drive their success. As a matter of fact, it's what they count on. Frame of Mind Coaching is about supplying you with the consistent exposure to the kind of thinking that will enable you to achieve the life that you desire. The key ingredient to the coaching program is the Frame of Mind exclusive on-line guided journal system. Each week our students write in the journal about a designated theme that targets a specific aspect of your thought process. Journaling has the ability to transform your life. When you journal you confront your battles; you explore your dreams, hopes and aspirations allowing them to come to life. They become more tangible and are validated. You bring constant attention, focus and energy to your goals All of our members use the Frame of Mind on-line journaling system every day. Journaling is the single most important tool in creating significant change in your life. Frame of Mind Coaching provides you with the skills of deliberate thought required to maximize your career performance. Frame of Mind Coaching teaches you that repeated thoughts lead to beliefs, and beliefs lead to expectations and expectations lead to the results you desire.
MORE > helps people who are moving or relocating, select the best neighborhood to live in by providing detailed information about lifestyle, schools, interesting places nearby, and crime & safety - in an easy to use, visually engaging, map-based website.