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Find the most reviewed and recommended real estate agents and brokerages for your property sale.  


RateMyAgent is a digital marketing platform that helps agents collect, share and promote reviews. A RateMyAgent review is superior to any other review because each review is linked to the sales transaction and creates its own 'microsite'.  As a result, every review on RateMyAgent grows your digital footprint and becomes a powerful marketing tool by helping you attract more clients.

The aim of RateMyAgent is to simply support and highlight the best real estate agents in the industry. This makes identifying top tier agents easier for customers as these agents are distinguishable through an elevated platform. 

Did You Know?

97% of consumers seek out reviews, while 85% trust those reviews? Combine that with NAR's findings that 72% of all sellers contact only ONE real estate agent before choosing the right one, and it's easy to see why sellers are turning to online for digital interviews BEFORE they make contact.  RateMyAgent ensures your digital interview is professional as it should be.  

Find out why more real estate agents are choosing RateMyAgent as their preferred method of exposure.

Interested in Learning More?

If you are an agent or brokerage, get started today by claiming your profile, reporting your results and requesting reviews from your buyers and sellers.

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