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Welcome to Builders Update! Join in the conversation and share as you like with your friends! Then, come visit us at for a one stop shop for new home construction inventory and “to be built”, exclusively, at no cost to YOU. Our goal is to save YOU time and energy by providing all the new home construction information with a touch of a
Deductr was designed to help real estate professionals maximize their eligible tax deductions, eliminate tax-time stress, and keep more of their hard-earned money. Deductr's web-based and mobile applications help take the guesswork out of the tax equation by automatically tracking expenses, mileage, and time. When tax time rolls around, Deductr provides single-click access to everything a real estate professional requires to be better prepared to meet with their tax professional. Deductr will do all of the heavy lifting to ensure that real estate professionals are able to maximize all of their eligible deductions, save valuable time, and keep more of the money they work so hard to

Cordless Media

Use us to increase and diversify your revenue sources. Our products are built with 100% focus on the Real Estate vertical.

We understand that monetization at the cost of user experience is a deal breaker. For this reason, our ad modules aim to increase the user’s experience by providing them with relevant brands, helpful information and useful tools.

With Cordless Ad Modules you will see increased engagement and user satisfaction, while increasing your earnings at the same time.

You are a Real Estate publisher.

The technology and data you provide your users should be your main focus, not ad campaigns and yield optimization. Earning more from your site should NOT mean spending time away from your core business.

Let our experienced team of experts handle your ad sales, campaign trafficking and yield optimization for you.

Cordless Media | | [email protected]


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Form Simplicity

  We Make Real Estate Professionals Smile  Form Simplicity considers itself a smile maker. It’s our pleasure to help thousands of real estate professionals, across the United States, create, manage, share and store real estate transactions hassle free, each and every day.  Transactions All in One Place with AutoFill Forms  Form Simplicity’s transaction management platform helps real estate professionals manage their transactions online from start to finish, all in one place. Users have the option to manage transactions from their desktop computer or mobile device, anywhere, anytime. Expediting contracts is incredibly easy in Form Simplicity, with its pre-filled forms packages and unique data-population features. Importing data from MLSs and using data synchronization features saves users hours of valuable time by either having information automatically populate or only needing to enter or change data once (the buyer’s name for example). Adding data to real estate contracts in Form Simplicity is a snap. Easily Share, Negotiate and More in Form Simplicity Form Simplicity’s easy-to-use design includes the tools real estate professionals want most to help improve productivity. Task management helps users keep track of deadlines. The Contacts tool saves valuable contact information. Unlimited online storage helps ensure state requirements are met. Form Simplicity users may also set up Sharing to allow files and transactions to be viewed by their clients or third parties; giving individuals the capability to type comments right next to the contract online simplifies negotiation status. Another reason to smile! Plethora of Broker Tools  The Broker Platform is full of additional time-saving broker features, in one central place. Brokers may set up permissions and office assistant settings, view agent transactions, and set up a paperless, automated review and storage of agents’ transactions. All these features in one central place – no need for scanners, printers or even pens! Secure and Safe eSign Platform  Form Simplicity accelerates the real estate document signing process online and ensure deals close faster for its users. With pre-programmed templates for eSigning and many added features, including electronic signatures, eSign is encrypted with digital signature, secure and legally binding. Real estate professionals trust Form Simplicity’s eSign as eSigned documents remain locked after completion and cannot be tampered with in programs such as Adobe® Acrobat® Pro.Top Notch Support  Support for Form Simplicity is provided by Tech Helpline, the preferred tech support service used by over 600,000 REALTORS®. Tech Helpline provides live support via the phone, online chat and email. Tech Helpline is owned by Florida Realtors®. Smile – Your Forms are Safe with Form Simplicity Ultimately, users smile because they know they saved time and money and because their documents are safe and secure with Form Simplicity. Form Simplicity implements the highest standards of security methodologies to ensure users’ documents and information are secure as possible. Find Out More Are you staff of a REALTOR® association or MLS?  Find out how you can offer one of the most popular REALTOR® Association member benefits available. As a member benefit, Form Simplicity ensures your members’ real estate contracts are always up to date, using the latest and most secure technology, protecting the privacy and security of your members’ data. Form Simplicity is owned by Florida Realtors, and we understand how important it is to offer the most secure and reliable transaction management platform at a price point that is cost effective for all members. Contact us today for a one-on-one demo. Are you with a real estate brokerage? Form Simplicity is the transaction management platform of choice for thousands of brokerages nationwide. If you are interested in a platform that will decrease your brokerage’s transaction management processes’ costs and will help you and your agents go 100% paperless – with eSign, unlimited online storage, and an automated, web-based broker review process, then please contact us for a one-on-one demo today.  
Internet Marketing Specialist Designation

The Internet Marketing Specialist Designation (IMSD) program is a training system that will teach you how to effectively use venues like blogs, paid online advertising, social media, search engine optimization, and Craigslist to grow your business.