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At VScreen, professional video production is just the beginning.

We understand that producing a tightly focused professional video is only half the story. Without a strategy for distribution, what's the point? High impact social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter have become overnight sensations in reaching tens of millions instantly. That's why a strategy for capitalizing on social media's massive influence to differentiate you from your competition is so critical.

VScreen's turnkey approach covers you from start to finish. We'll craft a compelling website video to tell your story like never before, and then expand your Internet audience dramatically with strategically chosen social media. The end result...a single source for quality video production coupled with laser sharp targeting of your key audience. All under one roof at VScreen...the Internet Video Strategists.

VScreen customizes an Internet, social media and blogging strategy that showcases your video.

Social media sites have broadened video's impact like never before - and that's why VScreen covers you every step of the way. We'll not only license our industry specific video content for your website, but also compliment it by telling your story with compelling video and powerful testimonials.

From script to screen and in between, VScreen is your one stop solution that cuts through the clutter. The bottom line? An online video presence, attracting more prospects for more reasons than ever before!


At VScreen, we boast a background built on media production and distribution.

VScreen's parent firm, Schweickart & Associates, began nearly 25 years ago as an audio production company, recording commercial messages for broadcast over a store's public address system. The operation enjoyed widespread success, serving national clients including Sears and Wal-Mart. Telephone "message on hold" service, for a variety of markets, was added in 1990.

As technology evolves, so does our media delivery.

The advent of the Internet provided additional opportunities for electronic marketing. As Internet video technology improved, video production and additional video-based products were added to the portfolio. VScreen was developed as a video management platform offering not only multi-channel delivery, but the ability to measure video viewership and response as well. Electronic viral marketing capability was also included to allow for maximum distribution and exposure of every video.


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