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The Happiest Agent on the Block
This article comes to us from the Market Leader blog: Market Leader recently surveyed over 3,000 real estate professionals to determine how happy they are. The goal was to find out how various aspects of their careers and lives – like their marital status and commission splits – can impact their happiness. The "Happiest Agent on the Block" survey assessed agent happiness using the following four important metrics: happiness with their real estate careers, incomes, the tasks they complete on a day-to-day basis (e.g., following up with leads and attending client appointments), and life in general. The results of the "Happiest Agent on the Block" survey contained many surprises tidbits which have significantly increased Market Leader's understanding of who real estate agents are as people, not just professionals. An infographic featuring some of the most compelling survey findings can be found below. Our general survey findings about agent happiness are listed on the next page.
+1 Is Not the Loneliest Number
Guest Contributor Chris Brogan says: I was just reading about the Plus One button from Google. Essentially, it’s going to be a way to vote up things you want to share in search and on sites that implement the button. It’s “like” for Google. Here’s a quick video: