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Product Review: brokerWOLF
brokerWOLF is a double-entry bookkeeping and back office management solution for brokerages. It enables brokers to manage listing inventory, transactions, commissions, agent billing, accounts payable and receivable, and more. That's the short story. In truth, brokerWOLF is a far more robust program than a simple list of features and available reports can articulate. While it can help balance your general ledger, its real power is in how it enables brokers to leverage data to reveal everything from uncovered expenses to which agents provide the most value to their firm. When it comes to data, of course, more is better. The more data a broker has access to, the greater their opportunity to hone in on ways to improve profitability and streamline business. brokerWOLF allows brokers to input data on nearly every aspect of their firm's operation. The catch, however, is that users only get as much as they put in to the program. The more they leverage brokerWOLF's multitude of features, the clearer the picture of their brokerage's health will become. So what does brokerWOLF have to offer? While it's far too dense a program to go over every detail, today we'll provide an overview of major highlights, as well as an evaluation of end-user concerns like usability and support. Here's a quick peek at major features: Complex fee structure with template capabilities Hundreds of available reports, including real estate specific ones like Pending Transactions, Commission Cutting, Agent Net Worth, Leads Production, and more Keyboard shortcuts and favorites Comprehensive Help menu, tip sheets, and the ability to contact customer support from within the program