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Save Me Money and I’ll Be Your Friend

money super power manOnce you've helped someone buy a home, you quickly fade from their lives unless you give them a reason to stay in touch with you. Since everyone likes to save money, sharing articles about reducing homeowners' ongoing costs is a great way to make your clients keep opening your emails.

I see how well that strategy works when I look at which articles were clicked on by the more than 1 million homeowners who received the HomeActionsHomeActions e-newsletter in August.

The most-opened HomeActions article in August was Will Shutting Vents Cut Your Energy Bill?

The article, based on a blog from one of my favorite energy experts, explained why shutting too many vents can cause problems in your HVAC. The article worked because it delivered an "ah ha!" moment to viewers who thought they were saving money by closing off HVAC vents in their home.

You wouldn't expect an energy-efficiency story to be contentious, but this one was. One viewer suggested the article was funded by oil companies. Ironically, there was also an email from a viewer with an oil company email address arguing that shutting vents couldn't possibly harm the HVAC.

A few days later, a viewer wrote one of our Realtor clients and said the article was spot on. He'd had to pay $6,000 to remediate mold caused by shutting off about half the vents in a home.