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Are You Aligned With Your Consumer or Your Past?

aligned reconnisToday's North American real estate brokerage is sharing its market space with a concept and a force known as digital disruption. Native to almost every industry in the contemporary economy, digital disruption is more than specific faces and brands, it is the application of several very effective and very new business concepts that are proving to be overwhelmingly effective, especially against individuals and entities who attempt to cling to traditional approaches that no longer appeal to the contemporary consumer.

It is this recognition that digital disruption is a business doctrine practiced by brighter than average entrepreneurs, rather than a tyrannical assault engaged in by terrorists. This can go a long way in assisting real estate brokers to align their wonderful pasts with a successful future.

Virtually every industry is, in some way or another, being impacted by digital disruption. Volumes have been written about digital disruption, what it is, and how it works. Even within this broad span of attention, perhaps the most common observation made about this behavior is that it almost always arises out of a pre-existing condition and, most predictably, consumer demands and expectations.

There are several digital disruptors currently engaging the real estate industry. Without question, the one creating the most buzz is the third party listing portal. In almost every marketplace, there are both brokerages and practitioners who are expressing both outrage and fear regarding what they claim are inappropriate and unethical practices being engaged in by these now not-so-new entities.

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