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How to Clear your Browser Cache

lwolf cache 1How often has this happened to you: you make an update on your website, yet when you go to see the live changes they are not visible? Where did all my edits go? That is one of the most commonly asked questions we receive in the Lone Wolf Support Department, and is easily remedied by completing a quick process known as "clearing the browser cache."

Cache is information that is downloaded from internet servers onto your computer temporarily in order for websites to load faster upon revisit. Factor in the browser cache you accumulate from all the websites you visit, and your cache can become quite full.

Why do browsers use cache?

  • Advantage: It allows quick reloading of pages you have just accessed.
  • Disadvantage: It shows old or "un-refreshed" page views, and uses additional computer memory.

Examples of situations clearing the browser cache can remedy:

  • Your profile picture has been updated in WOLFconnect, but the new profile picture is not displaying on the office website, or your agent website.
  • You are trying to 'view/print' the showing activity on one of your listings, but it is not displaying the correct information.
  • You have made some changes to a custom web page on your website and pushed it live, however your updates are not displaying on the website.