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Friday Freebie: Realtor Safety Tool Identifies Dangerous Prospects

November 10 2017

Weeding out dangerous prospects just got easier, thanks to a new member benefit from the National Association of Realtors.

Now Realtors can not only verify the identity of clients before meeting them in person, but they can also see a score denoting that person's trustworthiness—and all in mere minutes.

Introducing Trust Stamp, a free benefit from NAR

NAR announced its partnership with identity verification tool Trust Stamp at its annual Realtors' Conference and Expo last weekend. Trust Stamp uses artificial intelligence to verify that a person is who they claim to be, and then taps into public records and social media to evaluate that individual's overall trustworthiness.

The process is simple. Before meeting a client for the first time, Realtors send a request from Trust Stamp's interface requesting that the prospect create a profile to verify their identity. The prospect does this by submitting photos of themself and their government-issued ID, and linking at least one social media account to their profile.

Trust Stamp then uses this information to confirm the prospect's identity, and rate their trustworthiness. The Realtor is provided a brief report with client's name, photo, and a color-coded numerical score that communicates how trustworthy they are.

frifree truststamp nar

Based on the score, Realtors can decide whether or not to move forward with the prospect. Once they've reviewed a prospect's profile, the prospect's data is deleted from Trust Stamp's system, ensuring their privacy.

Trust Stamp is a departure from typical safety apps, which are typically used to alert loved ones of an emergency or threatening situation. Trust Stamp, on the other hand, is the only app on the market that seeks to prevent potentially unsafe meetings from ever happening in the first place.

Realtors can get started using Trust Stamp to protect themselves right away. Simply visit and sign-in with your NRDS number to create your free account.