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4 Keys to Creating a Winning Marketing Strategy in 2017

cityblast keys winning marketing strategy 2017

Are you thinking about your social media strategy for next year? Your competition likely is – and if you want to stay ahead of the curve, you should too.

Developing a marketing plan for the new year is the perfect way to decide where you want your business to go in the future – and how you'll get there.

Of course, since digital marketing is constantly evolving, it can seem difficult to determine where you should invest your resources. New trends replace old. Some platforms surprise digital marketers and emerge as dominant competitors, while others fall to the wayside. It can all seem a little overwhelming.

Not to fear: here we've compiled some of the key tips to building a successful marketing strategy in 2017.

Content Dominates Ads

The dominance of content marketing over traditional advertising is already an established trend in digital marketing – and it will only grow in 2017only grow in 2017.

The reason? Put simply, audiences don't have much trust in ads.

They're far more likely to engage with, share and trust content that's useful and informative – and that gives them value for their time, rather than simply repeating a brand's message, as advertising does. So, an emphasis on content marketing will continue to be essential to your marketing plan in 2017.

The good news? It's far more cost-effective than buying ads. And with many platforms offering an array of analytics tools to help you determine what works – and what doesn't – you'll find it easier to ascribe an accurate dollar value to your content.