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Top 10 Most Popular Articles from November

novemberNovember was... quite an adventure. Between the presidential election, NAR Annual and Thanksgiving, I think it's safe to say that most of us are worn out. So it's with some relief that we're posting our round-up of the most read articles of the month--because it means the month is finally over!

There were some interesting readership patterns this month. Since October, we've been seeing a lot of articles talking about preparing for 2017. We don't often see these until mid-December, but this year, they're out early and in force. In fact, you can read one at #10 on this list. I guess that means that many of us are already mentally checking out of 2016.

That's okay, though. These cooler months are perfect for learning new skills, tools, and strategies to grow your business. Take the time to prepare yourself for the year ahead--we've got 10 great articles below that can help you get started!


1. Facebook Housing Ads Run into Trouble with HUD
We talk a lot about Facebook advertising--and for good reason. It's one of the best ways to reach consumers, thanks to finely tuned targeting options. However, those targeting options are exactly what got the social network in trouble with HUD recently, who said that some targeting criteria may violate the Fair Housing Act.

2. 12 Proven Real Estate Lead Generation Sources
Lead generation can be hard work, but you know that feeding leads into your funnel is one of the most important tasks on your to-do list, so you keep doing it. Dirk Zeller, CEO of Real Estate Champions, recently recommended several ways to generate leads more efficiently. Here, we've taken those recommendations and expanded on them with tips and tricks relating them to you.

3. How to Take Incredible Listing Photos
Are you taking the best photos possible of your listing? If you aren't, it might be the reason the listing is still on the market. First impressions are so important and that's why you need quality photographs of your listing. Learn the tricks to using a DSLR with Dave Dugdale!