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Staying Safe with Pepper Spray Technologies

safety screening prospectThe "foot fetish creep" is back in action again. He started calling on Arizona real estate agents in 2014calling on Arizona real estate agents in 2014 but more recently is targeting the women in the Houston areatargeting the women in the Houston area with phone inquiries that, at first blush, seem legitimate but quickly turn provocative. When this serial caller asks female agents to take off their shoes to boost cell phone reception, it's a clear signal that something is not right.

However, most often, potential threats to an agent's safety are more ambiguous and Realtors should be prepared with a defense plan. Pepper spray is the most commonly carried self-defense solution among agents, but this technology is only valuable when it is convenient to carry, kept secure when not in use, and is part of a comprehensive safety plan.

Agents never know when or where they might face a dangerous situation, so a pepper spray technology should be comfortably accessible while not arousing undue attention from clients. Luckily, there are a number of fashionably disguised pepper sprays resembling items that might be carried in a pocket or a handbag. For instance, the popular keychain-style pepper spray is not likely to provoke alarm with clients. Even more clever, some pepper sprays have the appearance of a pen or lipstick, which are discreet and casual to carry. The gel by SABRE is especially handy in close quarters, such as at a home showing, as is has no airborne particles when deployed.