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Online Notary: Future of Notarization!

handshakeAt, whenever we welcome in a new hire there are certain steps to orientation that are observed. The grand tour, compliments of Victor!  There are the team introductions, usually with the sharing of random, funny facts about each team player. And then there is the necessary paperwork, like I-9 forms, NDA agreements, etc.  With this comes the dreaded notarizing of the new hire on various documents.

Why do I say dreaded?

I think I dread any administrative task that pulls me out of my zone at work and interrupts my thinking.  Funny I don’t mind being pulled out of my thoughts to meet a new person, or speak to a client, but call someone and try to schedule a meeting?  I’d rather Tungle. Maybe I’m alone in this, but Googling a local notary and then tracking them down and trying to find a good time for them to come out to the office is painful. It’s not convenient and nine times out of ten we cannot get someone to the office that same day.

With this in mind, I find the topic of digital video notarization of legal documents particularly interesting.

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