How to Find Income During the Real Estate Slowdown: Adapt and Diversify!
There's a lucrative corner of the real estate market that's largely unknown to most real estate agents--a corner where $100 billion changes hands every year. And it's far easier to get in on the action than you could imagine. We're talking about property rights. Every year, companies acquire $50 billion worth of land use rights, and pay landowners over $50 billion in ongoing rent and royalties. But like someone selling their home, landowners need a real estate expert to help them sell their property rights. In a recent webinar, we offered our subscribers a first look at RealX, an exchange to buy, sell, and lease property rights. On this platform—which is similar to an MLS for property rights—landowners can sell land usage rights to companies who want to build things like solar farms, cell towers and billboards, or extract oil, gas, minerals, and more on their property. And buyers can use the exchange to find a property that suits their needs. With RealX, agents can create a whole new line of business representing landowners as the sellers in this exchange. And don't worry—you don't have to become an expert in a whole new area of real estate; RealX does the work for you. Watch the webinar recording below to learn more:
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