WATCH: How to Solve Your Top Two Agent Challenges, Leads and Referrals, with Broker Public Portal with Homesnap

November 15 2019

When the real estate community in the Chicago metro area joined the Broker Public Portal (BPP), a pleasant surprise happened in many agents' bottom line: they were able to save upwards of $3000 per month on lead generation.

What made that possible and how can brokerages reap the same benefits for their own agents? That's what we explored in a recent webinar with special guest Paul Wells, a Chicago area broker/owner, and executives from Homesnap, the BPP's technology partner.

Watch the video recording below to learn more:

Webinar Guests

  • Paul Wells, Broker/Owner, RE/MAX Barrington
  • Gayle Weiswasser, SVP, Business Development and Communications, Homesnap
  • Bill Kauffman, Director of Brokerage Partnerships, Homesnap
  • Moderator: Marilyn Wilson, Co-founder and President, RE Technology

Video Timeline

0:00 - Moderator Marilyn Wilson introduces the topic and panelists.

2:02 - How Homesnap hit an all-time traffic high in September, underlining the growing support for Broker Public Portal.

3:02 - Marilyn introduces Paul Wells, one of the first brokers involved in the Broker Public Portal, who shares his experience and involvement from BPP's earliest days.

6:37 - Marilyn talks about what the Broker Public Portal is, and clears up confusion about it vs. Upstream.

8:13 - How brokers in Paul's area, Chicago, became convinced that the Broker Public Portal was good for the industry, and to move forward.

9:50 - How Homesnap helps Paul's brokerage answer a common question from agents, "What are you doing to help me with lead generation?"

12:29 - Paul shares how Homesnap helps his agents with referrals.

15:20 - How Homesnap fits within the technology ecosystem that Paul's franchise offers.

16:47 - Paul shares how his buyer's agents use Homesnap.

18:55 - How Paul's seller's agents use Homesnap to their advantage.

20:01 - How RE/MAX Barrington agents have been able to cut back on advertising thanks to Homesnap.

22:22 - How Paul's firm gets their agents to adopt and take advantage of Homesnap.

23:30 - Gayle Weiswasser talks more in depth about what the Broker Public Portal is and its partnership with Homesnap.

26:57 - Gayle shares vital statistics on Broker Public Portal with Homesnap.

28:26 - Why an MLS or brokerage would want to use Homesnap when they have their own website already.

31:08 - MLS public-facing website solutions from Homesnap.

32:15 - Facebook has partnered with Homesnap for Homesnap to provide rental information for Facebook Marketplace, with all leads going back to the listing agent.

34:15 - Bill Kauffman on broker branding and free leads with Homesnap.

38:17 - Bill talks about the Homesnap Broker Suite and shares a brief demo.

43:29 - Gayle shares how brokerages can join the Broker Public Portal with Homesnap.

44:00 - Question and answer segment.

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