[VIDEO] How to Keep Your Brokerage from Fading Away

November 09 2017

Between Redfin's recent IPO and Keller Williams' $1 billion dollar investment in technology, a lot's been happening in the real estate tech space. Investors are throwing record amounts of money into industry technology, and brokerages have more tools to choose from than ever before.

But regardless of which tools you choose, how do you make all of them work together? And how do you prevent each tool from becoming its own little isolated island of data?

We tackled these questions head-on in a webinar last week, and explored a solution that can help: the open platform. Open platforms like the Moxi Cloud not only allow all your existing tools to work together, but they also give you greater control over all of your data.

That's crucial, says webinar guest York Baur. "If you remember only one thing from today's webinar, it is this: Get control of your data." York doesn't just mean your property data, but also agent data, branding data, consumer data, and more. If your data is not in one place where all agents can easily access and contribute to it, then "You're going to be in for a challenge as these large players with these millions or billions of dollars come after the market."

So how can you compete? Check the webinar recording below to learn more:

Webinar Guests

  • Kenneth Jenny, CEO, tranCen
  • Bill Gamelli, COO, William Raveis Real Estate
  • York Baur, CEO, Moxi Works
  • Moderator: Marilyn Wilson, Co-founder and President, RE Technology

Video Timeline

0:00 - Moderator Marilyn Wilson introduces the topic and panelists.

3:05 - There are more real estate tools than ever on the market, thanks to an influx of money in the real estate sphere. York Baur talks how brokerages can choose the right tools and the dilemma of getting them to all work together.

5:55 - York suggests using a "power strip" that you can plug your existing tools into. York says that's how you should think of a brokerage platform.

7:35 - What is an open platform? The Moxi Works platform is an "open platform" that you can plug your all third-party apps into. This lets brokers better control all of their data.

17:15 - York talks about selecting tools, and suggests looking for the diamonds, NOT just shiny objects. You can tell the difference by looking not just at what you need today, but in the future, and adjust to the market. An open platform makes it easier to plug solutions in and out in pursuit of the diamonds that work for you.

20:57 - Open vs. closed platforms: the core components of an open platform.

24:14 - A glance at which tools and services plug into the Moxi Cloud open platform. Currently, Moxi has over three dozen partners, and plans to expand to 100+ over time. York says brokers can mix a custom cocktail of tech that fits your brokerage, rather than use a one size fits all solution off the shelf. Brokerages can differentiate themselves through technology.

29:14 - Bill Gamelli, COO of William Raveis Real Estate, takes the mic. He shares how and why they use Moxi Cloud with their 4000+ agents. He talks about how they use it with Microsoft Sharepoint, and how training is important, especially for adoption rate.

39:57 - Bill talks about how the Moxi Cloud increases profitability and agents productivity.

44:07 - Real estate consultant Ken Jenny talks about the advantages of using an open platform. He says you don't want agents to go out and find their own tools, creating their own isolated island that's not connected to your company's tech sphere. A platform makes it easier to switch out tools, especially if agent feedback tells you a certain tool isn't working. It san help provide a better consumer real estate experience, too. Ken says that agents are looking for leadership, and can be the best source for understanding how your tools are working.

1:00:47 - Webinar wrap-up. To contact Moxi Works for more information, click hereclick here or call 206-455-8965.

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