[Video] Go 100% Digital, from Lead to Close

October 26 2016

As technology transforms the real estate industry, brokerages are turning to a completely digital strategy, or what's become known as a lead-to-close strategy.

On Tuesday, brokerage leaders who have implemented this strategy in their own companies shared their insights with us during a live webinar. What tools and methods are they using to help them accomplish this? To find out, watch the webinar recording below:

If you don't have time to watch the full hour-long recording, here's a cheat sheet to help you find the segments most relevant to your business. Just skip ahead to the time indicated to view that portion.

0:00 - Introduction. Meet our panelists, and learn about the recent shifts and trends in real estate technology. Find out how agents fit into the digital 'ecosystem' of the 20+ apps they use over the course of a transaction.

7:00 - Meet Scott Crowley, SVP and Chief Information Officer, Berkshire Hathaway - Fox & Roach. In addition to brokerage services, Crowley's company offers mortgage, title, and insurance services. "What we tried to put together was a system that basically can sit over top of all four of those core business units and help them to function better at an enterprise level," he says.

Berkshire Hathaway - Fox & Roach wanted to move customers through all four business units seamlessly. Crowley says they wanted to manage their digital assets in real time in a way that generates revenue building opportunities. They company wanted to "see if there is a better way to try to run our brokerage."

11:10 - How they use DocuSign Transaction Rooms to accomplish this and why it's so important. "We've made Transaction Rooms the hub for all our transaction data and docs." This has eliminated the redundancy and time bloat previously caused by using several disconnected solutions.

18:30 - Response from managers, agents, and customers. Crowley shares the feedback his company has received regarding the implementation of DocuSign Transaction Rooms.

22:15 - Meet Graeme Canivet, Director of Technology, RE/MAX Integra, Ontario-Atlantic Canada. In addition to being an international company, this brokerage's challenge lies in creating standards across 2400 offices. "We wanted to standardize, not just in the US, but also in Canada," he says. "DocuSign, fortunately, is global ready, so it's a product we can use in our RE/MAX European regions, as well."

26:50 - How RE/MAX Integra uses DocuSign in their global strategy. Productivity is the biggest reason Canivet's company decided to implement DocuSign. "We can take some of our agents that are doing 14 deals a year or 16 deals a year and move them up to 18 deals a year, or even one more deal a year, just because they're able to process more smoothly and be more productive," says Canivet.

30:30 - Meet Georg Gerstenfeld, Vice President and General Manager of Real Estate, DocuSign. Gerstenfeld talks about the challenges real estate professionals face in dealing with the many moving parts of a single transaction. There are multiple parties (buyers, sellers, agents, appraisers, mortgage broker, title company, etc.), disconnected systems, too many manual processes, and more. Gerstenfeld talks about how DocuSign can help soothe these transaction pains.

36:35 - DocuSign's integrated lead-to-close platform. Gerstenfeld goes deeper to explain how DocuSign can act as a hub for your transactions and the data associated with them.

43:35 - Key takeaways. How can brokers benefit from implementing a fully digital lead-to-close strategy? Advance to this section to find out.

48:30 - Live demo of DocuSign Transaction Rooms. Get a sneak preview of the newly redesigned solution, currently available only to a handful of enterprise firms.

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Want to learn more about how DocuSign can help you implement your digital strategy? Connect with them during NAR Annual next week at booth 419. Or you can contact today's panelist, Georg Gerstenfeld, or Shawn Hill, DocuSign's Director of Business Development:

  • Georg Gerstenfeld: 415-902-0314, georg.gerstenfeld(at)docusign.com
  • Shawn Hill: 305-733-6746, shawn.hill(at)docusign.com

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