[Video] How Top Real Estate Professionals Generate Quality Leads

September 23 2015

Trapped in a lead generation wasteland? This doesn't necessarily mean that you have no leads at all; it means you're stuck with leads that are, well, a waste of your time--they're not ready to buy yet, or they're underqualified.

We wanted to help Realtors find leads that are worth your valuable time, so we turned to a few experts for advice. In today's webinar, "How Top Real Estate Professionals Generate Quality Leads," we talked to a panel of three practicing real estate professionals from across the country and two technology experts. They shared their best practices, advice, and tips for generating leads that turn into actual sales.

If you were unable to attend the event, no worries--we recorded it for you! Catch up on what you missed in the recorded video below.

Do you ever wonder what makes one sales associate or one real estate firm successful?

Attendees of this one hour webinar heard industry experts and peers discuss what makes marketing successful. Watch the recording now to learn how they manage client relationships, recruit new talent and build their brand. You'll also hear their thoughts on video, chat and e-mail marketing.

Watch now to learn:

  • What GOOGLE is saying about home shoppers
  • What your peers think are the best marketing techniques today
  • How home shoppers are engaging in their home shopping process
  • What marketing channels are working today for building customer relationships
  • Why you should stop buying leads and start engaging new clients across all marketing channels


  • Victor Lund [Moderator], CEO/Co-Founder, RE Technology, Partner, WAV Group
  • Cyndi Cook, Director of Marketing, RE/MAX DFW Associates
  • Suzi Stepanovich, E-Business Coordinator, Cutler Real Estate
  • Corinna M. Decker, Web Manager, Wagner Realty
  • Michael Minard, CEO/President, Delta Media Group
  • Jonathan Blood, VP, Delta Media Group