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Welcome to RE Technology's Success Guide for Teams. You will learn how to become THE expert in your market with industry-leading ideas and solutions. We have hand-picked our favorite tools proven to help real estate professionals grow their businesses. Download the FREE guide to learn how you can leverage online marketing in new and exciting ways to beat the competition!


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Growing Your Team Business With Productivity Software

Operating a team is pretty similar to operating a brokerage. The advantage that teams have over brokers usually relates to having more influence over the activities of the team. Quite frankly, beyond compliance related activities, most brokers have little or no control over how agents operate.

Teams come in all shapes and sizes, but one shared commonality is a unified approach to how they operate and how they provide services to clients. For example, some top producing agents focus on listings, often carrying an inventory of 10 or more listings. At that rate, it is hard for the listing agent to also take on buyer clients. So, they create a team of buyer’s agents to respond to leads generated on their listings, both digital and from yard signs. The biggest concern by the listing agent is the effectiveness of buyer’s agents at converting those leads to grow the business.

Another key common element between these team solutions is buyer and seller lead tracking paired with powerful follow up actions that generate business. More than anything, these platform solutions offer the team leader the ability to empower team members with great follow up software while simultaneously evaluating the strengths of team members converting opportunities into business. Another prevalent feature of these platforms is a focus on lifetime relationships with every client in the database. With the entire team able to see what the last touch was with the customer and how they responded to it, this component creates continuity with client engagements, driving home future repeat business and referrals. For too long, real estate teams have primarily targeted new business generation while allowing existing customers to stray from insufficient relationship maintenance.

All of the tools in this year’s Teams Success Guide facilitate collaboration between you and your team, helping your customers receive the best possible service. These platforms are proven to help you stay organized. You will be able to run reports on the effectiveness of your team members and have visibility into their activities. Each of these companies invest in dedicated staff members who deliver awesome support resources, ensuring that your team maximizes their productivity when using these platforms. But remember, you must make sure that your team of agents and staff attend those trainings and maximize the features of whichever platform you choose.

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Some team platforms develop excellent websites with a high focus on lead generation, content creation, and search engine optimization. Teams doing a lot of online digital advertising will need to look for websites that offer the ability to create lead generation pages – also called squeeze pages. Others recognize that a team website is like a business card. If you are not in love with the activities around online lead generation, having a fancy website is probably not that important to you.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have been an exciting growth area for team platforms over the years. The driving trend among these mobile apps has been less about developing branded mobile search apps that are in the Apple App and Google Play Stores, and more about delivering functionality that allows teams to access customer records on the fly, or to take a group approach to responding quickly to customer requests. If your team is mostly mobile, rather than office based, this may be a very important feature for you.

Contact Record Monitoring

One of the biggest areas of new development in software for teams has to do with reference data and client monitoring. Using artificial intelligence, the software can track activities across all of your client records. Using this data the software can, for example, tell you when there is a customer that you have not interacted with in the last year or suggest that you reach out to a customer who has been spending an insane amount of time looking at listings on your site. The goal of contact monitoring is to make sure that you stay connected to everyone in your database, and to focus on those customers who show the most activity in the process of executing a transaction. Some solutions even monitor Facebook and LinkedIn for the most recent posts made by your clients so you can check up on them from within your contact records.

Contacts, Calendar, Email Integration

Most business professionals lack time for administrative upkeep such as scheduling meetings or updating contact records in multiple places. An important feature in team software platforms is mobile phone integration. It allows an iPhone or Android device to connect to your CRM. If you get a new customer call on your phone, and you save that contact– your phone will then sync the contact record to the CRM in your team solution, so you do not need to re-enter it. Likewise, if a team member schedules a task or meeting for you – they can access your calendar for your availability and set that appointment so it displays on your phone’s calendar. If you are speaking to a tech supplier for your team, ask them about Google Sync, or Outlook Sync.

Reporting and Forecasting

One of the challenges to operating a team is to measure team productivity. These metrics fall into the realm of reporting and forecasting. Depending on the role of the team member, good reporting and forecasting can provide the team leader with data that shows how team members are using the system, the value of business they have in the pipeline, etc. Remember, when you are running a team, you need to think about it like you are running a business or running a brokerage. Productivity per team member is a key matrix that you need to track.

Dynamic Automation

The idea behind software has always been automation. In the past, automation in team software was pretty linear. Linear automation is when you schedule things to happen at a specific time in a specific order. On day one – do this, on day two, do that on day 5 do this other task, on their birthday do this, etc. Dynamic automation uses the intelligence of software to observe consumer actions and adjust the behavior accordingly. In tech speak, they use the term “if this, then that.” For example, let’s imagine that a past client comes to your website to read an article about home improvement, then starts looking at houses. Dynamic automation would bring this to your attention and save the search for that client without them needing to do anything. The software could then send them a follow up email the next day with the listings that they reviewed and ask if they have questions or would like to see any other homes. These auxiliary communications use machine learning or artificial intelligence to anticipate the needs of clients dynamically and automatically.

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When you think of teams in real estate, you imagine a group of people that are working together as a unit. As you translate this into technology for teams, you recognize that technology for teams is designed to allow two or more people to use software in a way that allows them to share work.

One example of a core piece of team functionality is access to client records. If a customer calls, any member of the team should be able to pull up the client record to track the call with the customer, and also to review past customer interactions.

For the most part, technology that is designed for small brokers is no different than technology that is designed for teams. The common theme is that these platforms are solutions that support multiple users and, if you want to get intricate, you can also set permissions for different user types. For example, your teammate that works on Transaction Management, may want to grant only the team leader(s) permission to view more than a transaction.

RE Technology has selected five leading team technologies for this special edition Success Guide. Those platforms include Boomtown, Chime, CINC, Elevate, and PropertyBase. As you review these platforms, you will see that each of them has a set of shared functionality, and a few pieces of functionality that make each platform best-in-class because of how well they execute certain niche features.




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Charlston, SC



  • Powerful lead generation for a pipeline of verified leads
  • Lead qualification and nurturing services to deliver conversation-ready leads
  • Actionable insights & predictive tools for higher conversions
  • Smart, personalized automation to triple productivity
  • Unparalleled training, strategy, and support services



We exist to make real estate agents successful.


The only solution with flexible packages that scale. Large, small, new, seasoned. Experience the best of the best with the only technology trusted by 40,000+ of the industry’s most successful real estate professionals.



Consumer Website: IDX consumer websites that deliver beautiful pictures, helpful property details, and handy tools to attract home buyers & sellers.

Lead Generation: Capture more motivated homebuyers and get more listings with expert digital marketing. Long-term lead nurture through automated marketing campaigns turns today’s “maybes” into tomorrow’s closings.

Predictive CRM: Knowing is half the battle. Identify opportunities with insights, fine-tune your workflow, and concentrate on the most dollarproductive business.

Success Assurance: The perfect mix of tools and services to handle lead qualification & lead management, serving conversation-ready prospects to agents.


“BoomTown has all the tools you need to nurture your leads to get them where they need to be: ready to talk to you.”

-  Doug Edrington, J Douglas Properties





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Phoenix, AZ

[email protected]




  • Chime’s award winning sales acceleration platform, fueled by innovative AI, delivers the data driven insights needed to extract, nurture and convert the right leads.
  • Our responsive CRM, intelligent IDX, and optimized marketing solutions work together seamlessly to move your business forward.



Powered by AI, we deliver data driven insights agents need to maximize the leads they already have, improve productivity and drive the bottom line.


Delivered via the desktop or mobile app, Chime’s responsive CRM is powered by innovative AI capabilities and delivers the operational insights busy agents need to effectively identify, nurture and convert the right leads. Based on dynamically adjusting lead scores, Chime’s behavioral lead analysis generates smart suggestions on next steps to effectively close more deals.


Our intelligent, easy to use IDX helps to effectively track new leads while capturing actionable insights through site activity analysis.

Our suite of optimized marketing solutions identify and attract leads with proven success. From retargeting to AI-powered advertising for Facebook and live streaming capabilities, Chime takes the guesswork out of building an effective marketing strategy.

With new product updates delivered regularly and a growing industry partner network, Chime offers the most comprehensive, user friendly and effective sales acceleration platform available to help agents and teams of all sizes run and grow their business.


“Hands down, Chime is the best platform on the market today. By leveraging innovative AI to intimately understand buyer and seller behavior, Chime drives more successful campaigns to increase the bottom line.”

- Sarah Richardson, Tru Realty





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Atlanta, GA

[email protected]




  • Build predictable income through premier lead generation
  • Convert leads into buyers with automated, personalized, behavioral communication tools that send the right message to the right lead at the right time
  • Instant virtual appointment booking that allows clients to immediately start a video call with ready-now leads


CINC is the premier lead generation and conversion engine helping agents and teams increase their ROI and generate predictable income.


Lead Generation & Marketing

It’s not just about leads, it’s about consistent quantity & quality leads at the lowest price possible. CINC’s team of experts, along with proprietary automated technologies, optimize each advertising campaign to find the best formula to generate high quality, hyperlocal leads via Google, Facebook, Instagram at the industry’s lowest cost.



Premium Support & Premier Community

Connect with dedicated US-based support to maximize your conversion & get help when you need it. Expand your business’s potential with access to more than 41,500 top agents & teams masterminding across North America.

Training & Implementation

Technology only reaches its full potential if you know how to use it. With campuses across the US, CINC live training has hosted over 5,300 CINC clients during the last 32 months. On average, each client makes more than $7300 in commission during a dedicated conversion Power Hour, held each session, from CINC generated leads.

Automation with CINC’s Exclusive Conversion Engine

Constant innovation provides you the tools (desktop & 3 mobile apps) to efficiently convert online leads & build an authentic relationship with home buyers & sellers. CINC’s solution 1) humanizes the home search with a suite of communication tools (Video Messaging, Automated Drips, Behavioral Messaging, CINC AI), (2) tracks (2) tracks insights during the consumer search with the IDX website, (3) actively converts your pipeline into new & repeat business with extensive marketing tools.



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  • Agent PROTECTED Databases
  • Advanced CRM
  • Brokerage, Office & Agent KPIs
  • Team Capable
  • EXCLUSIVE Lead Capture Routing & Tracking
  • Customer Activity Workflows & Task Coaching
  • CMA Creation Wizard
  • Document Management
  • Automated Email, Social & Text Campaigns
  • FANATICAL Support & Training


The POWER of productivity for brokers, agents & teams. CRM, Lead Generation, Email, Social, Text, IDX Websites. #ElevateYourBiz today.


Welcome to the POWER of productivity for real estate professionals, featuring an intuitive CRM, exclusive lead generation, IDX websites, automated email, text, and social campaigns, communication workflows, and fanatical training and support.


Advanced, Intuitive CRM with Powerful Metrics

Now it’s easier than ever to pay attention to the KPIs (key performance indicators) of your business with activity workflows, task coaching, agent-protected databases, lead response routing & tracking, and a customizable metrics dashboard.

Exclusive PPC Lead Generation

No more competing against other agents for your leads. Buyer/seller leads are exclusive to you.

High SEO IDX Website

Designed specifically to be found on search engines, your IDX website features rich, relevant content, an intuitive consumer interface with built-in lead capture, and an interactive blog with automated content posted weekly.

Automated Social, Email & Text Campaigns

Nurture your past, present & future clients with intelligent campaigns and workflows designed to provide insight and engagement with every step of your lead’s life cycle.

Fanatical Support & Training

Dedicated onboarding and success specialists who will help you every step of the way.


“Impressive from the start. Not only have I been able to increase website traffic and capture more leads with my new website, Elevate has helped increase my entire online social presence. I’m a client for life!”

- Bob Cross, Broker Cross Realty, California





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Boston, MA




  • Designed for teams to drive connectivity and productivity.
  • Streamlined real estate CRM with data-driven and actionable homepage dashboard to get things done.
  • Exclusive real estate buyer and/or seller leads with manual human follow-up.
  • Websites with industry-best MLS & IDX integration.
  • Mobile responsive interface.
  • Simplified user-experience.


Propertybase is the ideal solution for teams looking to increase agent performance. Discover how we can help you turn leads into life-long clients.


Propertybase is the leading end-to-end real estate platform entrusted by more than 4,500 brands and their 200,000 agents worldwide. Increase your daily performance and turn leads into lifelong clients.

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Designed with user-experience in mind, Propertybase provides agents with the tools, templates and automation to truly minimize their burden, maximize their reach, generate more leads and allow their team to flourish.


Next-Generation CRM

Today’s teams need smart technology to work for them. Centralize all of your contacts and track every interaction right out of the box. Send beautiful emails, automate drip campaigns, manage your listings and more.

Lead Generation

We make it easy to generate leads and build your pipeline. Our marketing experts will handle your ad campaigns. Automated follow-up funnels spark conversations. Our Text Concierge will qualify your leads so you can focus on closing more deals.


Grow your team with award-winning websites that offer powerful lead capture, SEO, saved-search functionality, elegant themes, website activity sync and more.

“With Propertybase, we can see all communications instantly, without having to over communicate, so the time savings has been outstanding for our entire ATM Team.” 

- Bonnie Glass, The ATM Team–BHHS KoenigRubloff Realty Group