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National Relocation Services
Customized and skilled coordination of global title and closing services to corporations and management companies seeking the comfortable and timely relocation of employees
Revaluate lets you know what it's like to live in an area before you move to that area with personalized livability ratings. The Revaluate livability rating can help you know whether or not a home fits you and your lifestyle. Revaluate built a standardized platform for evaluating similar homes of high quality that includes a Carfax like background check. This system works for casual shoppers, fast paced buyers and renters as well as for short-term rentals similar to Airbnb or VRBO. Revaulate's livability rating gives you a report on: Safety: What's the crime rate of the area? Are the safety violations serious or recent? Environment: Are rats or other vermin a problem? Are there problems with the utilities? Quality of life: What is the noise level like? Is the elevator frequently broken? Expenses: What other hidden expenses might you face? High utility costs? Energy savings from solar panels?