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AlignMark's Real Estate Solutions
AlignMark offers three integrated products and services for real estate agents, brokers and firms. These solutions are AccuRecruiter, Real Estate Simulator and ARMS. All of these products focus on recruiting good agents. AccuRecruiter helps firms and brokers recruit quality agents. AlignMark is proud to introduce its latest offering to the Real Estate industry, AccuRecruiter. AccuRecruiter is a Web 2.0 based recruiting system for gaining access to and converting an unprecedented number of passive job candidates to hires at greatly reduced costs. AccuRecruiter allows organizations to: Attract and engage a greater number of passive job applicant Maintain contact over time with potential applicants through automated email Convert more passive career suspects to active real estate career prospects Positively differentiate your brokerage as the Broker of Choice Increase hiring conversion rate while simultaneously reducing hiring costs The Real Estate Simulator™ is a world-class assessment tool that uses simulation technology to recreate the real-life challenges that real estate agents encounter on a daily basis. The "real estate agent" is taken through the entire sales cycle. Using a three-in-one assessment strategy, the Real Estate Simulator™ evaluates selling skills, intelligence, and personality to provide comprehensive information about a person's strengths and weaknesses in real estate sales. AlignMark's Real Estate Simulator tool benefits include: Recruiting of more qualified leads Selecting the most qualified recruits Ability to train based on individual needs AlignMark’s Recruiting Management Solution (ARMS) is a fully integrated web-based recruiting and hiring solution designed specifically for the Real Estate industry with recruiters, brokers and managers in mind. ARMS tool features the following: Fully integrated with the Real Estate Simulator Creation and management of DRIP campaigns Automatic email responses to clients
  HG-Recruits offers custom recruiting campaigns for your team to help find and qualify prospects who would be great additions to your team. HG-Recruits operates using a four step process: Step 1 - The AssessmentHG-Recruits begins with a free assessment in order to figure out the most effective messaging campaign for you.  Step 2 - CreationOnce you've completed your assessment, our team of professional writers will put your answers under the microscope. Happy Grasshopper will take the answers you've given and tailor a campaign around your unique personality traits, ensuring that your messages will appeal to those folks who "fit" you. We keep you up to date on our progress and ask for feedback along the way. Step 3 - ApprovalHappy Grasshopper's creative team will have you review your tailored messages for your personalized campaign. They will set up a meeting to review the information and make adjustments as you see fit.  Step 4 - DeploymentOnce you've approved your campaign, you'll upload your contacts. The Happy Grasshopper team will handle the rest of the implementation from loading your messages to scheduling their delivery.