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Agent Profile Video by AgentCasts
The Agent Profile Video is a web video marketing tool that allows real estate agents and brokers to introduce their real estate business to prospective clients and partners in an effective and engaging way. Elevate your professional profile, distinguish yourself from your competitors, build a local presence and exponentially expand your potential online - just by being yourself. AgentCasts creates your Agent Profile Video by sending out a professional videographer to film your personal branding message on-location. After shooting your video, their team expertly edits and produces it into an effective video marketing tool for promoting your business online. To get an Agent Profile Video you simply go through the simple check-out process and complete your order form online. You then submit your profile info and schedule your video filming appointment. We'll deliver your video player along with a clean display page which you can use to link your Agent Profile Video anywhere you'd like on the web. AgentCasts will then employ our powerful hosting and distribution services to make sure you get the marketing exposure your Agent Profile demands online. Agent Profile Videos include: ·      Formatting and Optimization – AgentCast’s production team optimizes your video for complete compatibility with all of your potential viewers across the web. They even embed your video with SEO technology. ·      Video Display Pages - AgentCasts creates a slick, custom video display page for every video profile they produce. ·      Web Video Saturation - YouTube, Google Video, and Metacafe are just some of the sites that real estate agents are now using to place their listings in front of potential customers. AgentCast posts your Agent Video Profile to over ten of the best video sites on the web. ·      Podcasting Perfected - There's more to podcasts than iPodsTM and iTunesTM. The true value of podcasting lies in Really Simple Syndication (RSS), which delivers updated content to your viewers online automatically. ·      Hosting & Delivery, Handled - AgentCasts hosts & streams your video from their servers so that your video profile always plays smoothly. ·      Video Player Widgets - With each video you order, you get custom widget to display your video proudly online. Widgets make posting your Agent Profile Video to websites, blogs, and anywhere on the web simple - just copy & paste the widget code. ·      Script Writing Assistance – AgentCast’s production team will be happy to assist you in making the most professional presentation possible.
Full Motion Video Tour by AgentCasts
AgentCasts offers Full Motion Video Tours to real estate professionals. AgentCasts delivers a complete full-motion real estate video tour solution available 'on-location', across the entire United States. These video tours offer a professional videography session, pristine video editing and production, web delivery and their total online video marketing package. AgentCasts offers four packages: Package A includes a 2 minute video, Package B includes a 3 ½ minute video, Package C includes a 5 minute video and 5 DVDs, and Package D includes a 5 minute video, 10 DVDs and custom video players branded with your logo, not ours. To order a full motion video tour, you simply select a package and run through their secure shopping cart online. If you are a first time user you submit your basic business information form so that they can set up your video channel. Then you fill out your video tour appointment scheduling form to select your desired filming date and time. AgentCast will confirm your appointment with you, and your property is then filmed by their videographer. After this your footage is edited in AgentCasts’ production studio, and your video tour is delivered via email within 5 business days. After you review and approve your finished video, AgentCast will launch it online to the video and podcasting sites. Every video includes: · Video player widgets for a great viewing experience on your website or blog. · A clean, unbranded video display page for linking your video tours to your MLS. · Web video and podcast distribution of your video for total web marketing saturation. ·  Video hosting & streaming on our blazing-fast servers for the life of your listing.
Real Estate Shows
Real Estate Shows offers agents and brokers virtual tour presentation software.  By using regular digital photos, you can create internet shows in less than five minutes. Real Estate Shows links your commercials or shows anywhere you have permission. You can email your links to whoever you want. All of the commercials come with an MLS/IDX compliant link so you that can link them to your MLS. Real Estate Show is a Picture Path Partner with, so they can link your commercials to your listings as well. Thirty to sixty second commercials can be created in around five minutes with a user-friendly presentation creation tool. The Show Editor interface gives users instant feedback on any changes. All commercials go live the instant they are created. Using regular digital images, the finished product is a video that combines visuals and music. After creating a video, they can be sent easily via email or supplied via link on your website or any location, like the local MLS. Real Estate Shows offers a free trial during which time the user can post unlimited videos over a 14-day period. Subscriptions are then offered on an annual price which allows for unlimited videos.
Video Tours by AgentCasts
  AgentCasts’ photo-based video tours deliver the optimized rewards of real estate video professionally and affordably. This service is considered an upgrade to a virtual tour. It includes unlimited hosting, custom video players and online distribution to the web video and podcasting sites. With photo-based video tour you get audio narration, music and graphics to enhance the professional photographs of your listing property.  To order a photo-based video tour, you simply fill out your profile online, upload your photos and submit your narration script. You take the photos and control what the narration says. Then you fill out your profile, upload your photos and submit your narration script. Then AgentCasts will create you video and send it to you, before they launch it for you across the Internet. This video service includes: Complete Video Production - AgentCast fully produce your high-quality video and professionally record your audio narration for a totally slick and effective presentation. Formatting and Optimization – AgentCasts’ production team optimizes your video for complete compatibility with all of your viewers across the web, and embeds your video listing with your search terms for SEO results online. Video Display Pages - AgentCasts creates a clean, custom MLS video display page for every one of your videos. Web Video Saturation - YouTube, Google Video, and the web video sites can help get your listings in front of potential customers. AgentCasts posts your tour to over ten of the best video sites on the web. Podcasting Perfected - There's more to podcasts than iPodsTM and iTunesTM. The value of podcasting lies in Really Simple Syndication (RSS), which delivers new content to your viewers online automatically. Hosting & Delivery, Handled - You also get unlimited hosting for your video on AgentCasts’ servers as long as you want your video online. Video Player Widgets – AgentCasts includes custom video player widgets you can use to post your video on your website, blog, or anywhereon the web you'd like.