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Fax - Lone Wolf Technologies
Fax to an Email or Email to a Fax You’ve never seen faxing like this before. Simply use our InstanetFax cover sheet to fax the documents to your recipient, and we turn the fax into an email and include the documents as PDF attachments. Or, by using our FaxItTM service, you can send an email to an actual fax machine. Any files you attach via your email program (including Outlook, Google, Yahoo!, AOL, Mac Mail and oth- ers) will be sent to their fax machine! InstanetFax and FaxIt Brings You: Easy Internet faxing from your email or a fax machine that sends directly to email Proof of faxing success with “Digital Stamping” third-party verification Simple interface that integrates seamlessly with our “one plat- form” approach Toll-free incoming and outgoing faxes in the Continental U.S. and Canada Easily add “draft or “confidential” watermarks Customize with your logo InstanetFax and FaxIt has a new, easy-to-use interface that makes sending a fax easy, either from your email or from your fax ma- chine to an email. InstanetFax can be ordered as a stand-alone service. But it’s in- cluded in all TransactionDesk and DocBox accounts.
HelloFax wants to help you throw away your fax machine, printer, and scanner. They offer a paperless alternative to printing, signing, and scanning documents – as well as sending and receiving traditional faxes. With HelloFax, you can: Send a fax Sign a document Create a signature Request a signature Create and use templates Fill-out forms Use Google Drive There are more features. To understand the full functionality, contact HelloFax for a free trial.
REDFax REDFax is an Internet fax service that offers both convenience and cost savings. Send and receive faxes via your email, from anywhere anytime. Receive fax notifications via email on your cell and mobile devices. No more fax machines, no more paper, no more toner. Save money today on one of the lowest fax services on the Internet.  
Transaction & Document Manager
Document and Transaction Managers by CoreLogic® was designed to help MLSs and brokers to digitize their back office and upgrade their operational efficiency—and customer service. It was also created to satisfy compliance with ever-stricter legal requirements. Working digitally ensures that critical documents are always found in the same location, simplifies task and transaction management and control, enables electronic document exchange and product delivery, and cuts down on paper waste. Fax Manager provides MLSs/brokers and their agents with a tool for digitizing, storing, and sharing documents. This tool keeps required paperwork organized and allows document uploads via their fax machine. Best of all, Fax Manager is fully integrated with Document and Transaction Manager for convenient access whenever they need it. Document, Transaction, and Fax Manager are available for MLSs and Brokers.