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SentriLock's BlueTooth® REALTOR® Lockbox
The SentriLock Bluetooth® REALTOR® lockbox helps make showing and selling properties safe and efficient. This video highlights system advantages and newest
GE Security’s ActiveKEY is a wireless lockbox key designed for real estate professionals. ActiveKEY keeps itself updated 24/7 through frequent cellular connections to the Supra network. Virtually no attention is required from the agent. When an ActiveKEY opens an agent’s iBoxes, they receive a real-time showing notification on their key. An agent will know right away when someone has entered one of their listings. ActiveKEY is easy to use. An agent simply scrolls through the ActiveKEY menu and follow instructions displayed in a small window. GE Security designed a number of user-friendly features including a built-in flashlight and a brightly lit keypad and display window. The ActiveKEY comes with a power cord, a mini-USB cable and a clip-on pouch with a pocket for your business cards. The ActiveKEY is a dedicated lockbox key manufactured by GE Security. It is not a cellular phone, nor a text-messaging device, and an agent cannot add software to the ActiveKEY. An optional car charger is available for busy real estate professionals. An agent can charge ActiveKEY while on the way to the next showing.
GE Security’s eKEY software enables real estate professionals to use their iPhone or android phone as your lockbox key. eKEY updates wirelessly so you can do business anywhere. eKEY allows real estate professionals to access their SupraLock Box remotely. There are two service levels available: eKEY Basic, which provides basic keybox functions. eKEY Professional adds MLS data saved to your phone, links Google maps to the listings, and delivers showing details to your phone. eKEY Basic Features include: Wireless Updates and Alerts Obtain Listing Keys Keep track of all your key boxes right from your phone Manage and Program your keyboxes Easily place and remove keyboxes from listings using your phone Change your own shackle codes. GE Security has also created a Supra iPhone Adapter which plugs into the 30 pin dock connector. It adds Infrared to the iPhone or android phone. It is designed to hang from a key chain when not in use. When an agent is ready to show a house, they just slide it out of its cover, and plug it into their iPhone or android phone.
Supra is a leading global provider of key management solutions. Supra released its first lockbox system in 1955 for the real estate industry. The Supra real estate lockbox system is managed today by Real Estate Associations and Multiple Listing Services for real estate agents to efficiently market and show listed homes. Supra also offers innovative solutions for property management, automotive, and industrial sectors. For more information about these systems, please visit us at Based in Salem, Oregon, USA, Supra is part of UTC Building & Industrial Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corporation.